A Story Worth Telling

May 3, 2014
By LynchMob BRONZE, West Newton, Pennsylvania
LynchMob BRONZE, West Newton, Pennsylvania
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Have you ever read a book and imagined yourself or friends in the story? Did you know you're already living an amazing story you just have to share it. Some people are living with cancer, and some have anxiety. Is one more important then the other? No. Ones more fatal,but neither is more important. Its your story, you should share it with the world. My story? I have diabetes. I lived through dangerous situations, and learned so much. My friend has depression. She thought her story wasn't important. She's just one person, who'd miss her? Well what she didn't know is her story is important. She's alive and well, and her story has changed a few peoples lives. I shared her story to a young girl in the hospital and she was inspired and comforted by my friends story, my friends life. Your story is a story worth telling. Don't let anyone tell you or make you feel differently.

The author's comments:
I don't like people thinking they aren't good enough, or that their story won't change anything. Your story can change lives by the day.

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