The semantics of the word Art

December 4, 2013
Art is a word that’s defined by pure opinion. The word “artist” is commonly used to describe a profession. The literal definition of artist is someone who creates art. Art itself is defined as creative expression using an artistic medium. The problem by defining these words like so is that it requires a decision to be made stating if the person has created something with artistic meaning or not. This shows that the meaning of artist, and if someone is an artist, is purely based off of an opinion. The world has a wide variety of opinion telling what art is, so the world has a wide variety of artist.
The semantics of the word “art” is difficult to explain. Art is the creation of something artistic and creative. To make something art it must be artistic. Having artistic talent is having or revealing natural creative skill. Creativity is another word that needs to be elaborated on to truly show what an artist is. The word is characterized by originality and expressiveness, original being something that isn’t normal. To create something that isn’t normal would be half of what creativity needs to be complete. Expressiveness is the function of expressing something through physical, mental or emotional ways. People express themselves through every day actions. The way people walk or how they stand can express what kind of mood the person is in that day. Talking is a more direct way to express oneself, since the person is physically saying things in a tone of voice and selection of words that will help express what they are feeling in that exact situation. Some people express themselves through more original, or as society will say, “artistic” ways like writing or dancing. Creativity is a mixture of both originality and expression to show someone or something’s true being.

Creativity is a main function of being artistic but being creative isn’t considered being artistic. Deciding if something is artistic or if it is not artistic is up to the viewer to decide. Stereotypically artistic people are considered to be; Dancers, Musicians, drawers, and writers. Now there are more than just these professions that could be considered artistic. A toy inventor literally creates toys, which would be considered imaginative. Imagination is basically another word for creativity. So the immensely imaginative toymaker who spends constant hours in his workshop inventing and creating new toys isn’t considered artistic? Some people would disagree with that claim and others would agree. The two different groups of people have to different opinions on what is artistic. Some people say the toymaker is artistic, some say he is inventive and others use the word insane. If this toymaker isn’t considered artistic why is the dancer considered she is? She spends constant hours in her dance studio inventing and creating a dance of her own just as the toymaker is creating a toy of his own but she is considered an artist but he is? They both do the same thing but in their own creative manor yet the dancer is the only one of the two who is considered an artist. There is a normal group of things that people associate with the word artistic. Some of those would be a dancer, a writer and an actor. But by opening ones blinded eye and having original thoughts they can see how there are countless numbers of ways to originally express ones soul, or in other words, be creative. And if there are countless ways to be creative that means there is an infinite amount of ways to be artistic, someone just have to be original to see them.

Everything builds up to the artist. The world couldn’t have art without an artist. If art is the expression of creativity and there is an infinite amount of ways to be creative then that means there are a countless number of art forms. Art is the final product of one’s creativity. The toymakers finished toy is his artwork while the dancer’s ballet of beauty is a different artwork of her own. Both of these people have created art making both of these people artists. But the people who say that the toymaker didn’t create art but instead he simply invented a toy now took the title of artist away from him. Titling someone an artist is up to one’s own opinion. Someone could believe that the dancer created no more than just a ballet of crap and that she failed to be artistic, thus taking her title of artists away. Art is the creation of something creative but its someone’s own opinion if something is creative. This shows that the word artist is an opinion people place on others to say if they have made something creative.

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