Halloween Happiness

September 25, 2013
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Orange and black flags whipping with the winds, brown and yellow leaves crunching below footsteps, and the old and young people laughing with smiles, Halloween's sounds are just around the corner. Every year decorations grow and exceed previous years in an attempt to be the spookiest house on the block, every year amusement parks spend thousands just to bring in as many as possible to frighten customers into wetting themselves in fits of fear and joy, but every year something special happens, a child's first Halloween occurs. Halloween is embedded into the spirit of every trick-or-treater, not because of the fact that there's free candy, but due to the fact that it shows that age doesn't matter for dressing up and having fun. Young children by far seem the happiest, but the true joy in Halloween comes in seeing the stroller of a Batman disguised father carrying a small Robin, beaming with a smile purely from the sugar rush that they finally get to enjoy. Ecstatic to see the candy bowl filled to the cusp of its ability, a twinkle in their eye appears, overjoyed and with little teeth to form vocabulary, the “Trick Or Treat!” phrase forms into “Tickertee!” from the rushed and hurried way the words are spit out of the mouth. Of course, nobody can refuse a small child from getting one piece of candy, the sunburnt orange pumpkin is filled by handfuls of delectable chocolate bars and plopped back onto the small lap of the child. Feeling victorious, the child looks onto the basket and sees an infinite amount of candy to stuff their face with for years, believing the candy may never run out. House by house, the glorious sugared treats pour in and rain down upon the small children, beaming white smiles and glowing faces run through the neighborhood. Chocolate trades, door bells, and giggles and bursts of joy are heard on every corner as Halloween night continues on, only to end by the sad realization that their own home approaches. Finally, the time to count candy draws nigh. Assortments of chocolate are stacked based on what they are: Reese's in one corner, Kit-Kats the next, and Snickers down below. The candy seems endless, but the feast has only just begun. Piling candy shovels into the mouth, the child begins their rush, but all good things must come to an end as the tummy ache soon follows. Lying down the child thinks about the joyous time they've been given and how they can't wait for next year. Eyes slowly closing, they see their Batman father lift them up. Robin is put to bed as the Jack-o-Lantern is blown out on the porch. The candy is piled in with the leftovers and placed in a bowl on the kitchen counter top leaving the parents to clean up the leftover wrappings thrown throughout the room in a hurry for more sugar. It isn't a bad mess, but rather a good one to clean up, simply because of the smiles given to the face of the child. Every trick-or-treater, young or old, appreciates the joy of Halloween and the magic of Halloween continues with each child's smiling bite of a candy bar.

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