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Advertisement- A necessary evil

By definition, its something that an industry would probably do to acquaint the customers 'about the product.' Which means that, its quite important because otherwise,we would be unaware of their product. Which brings us to the conclusion that it definitely plays a crucial role. However, is it being practiced in its correct sense? Well, I sure dont share an apartment with kareena kapoor but I am very sure she doesn't use a "lux" soap and neither does shah rukh khan apply that fairness cream or the dentist that promises you strong teeth is actually even a dentist in reality. Its indeed funny to see our indian cricket team players drinking 'boost' .Also, promising fairness in 5 minutes or, the most common,"no preservatives" which is scientifically impossible adds to the fake promises. Misleading. Is that what advertisements are meant for? They have clearly forgotten the real motto of an advertisement. Also the vulgarity adopted for simply cold drink ads, I am sure most of you'll must have understood I am talking about 'slice' Is just too irrelevant. Keeping in mind we have all age group including kids watching television,there should be some "adult" ads, which definitely need not be advertised and even if they are, it should be in a more decent manner. But still, there are few ads of tata tea, jago grahak jago which do justice to the word 'advertisement. Its sad to see that everything needs to have a fancy layer of fakeness to seem attractive. Its adversely affecting the consumers. Advertisement being something which is always on tv, cannot afford to have this kind of filth. It serves as a bridge between the consumers and the suppliers. Well, I think the bridge which looks like being made of cement, is nothing but clay.

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