Teenagers: Where Have We Gone Wrong?

May 20, 2013
By , Mundelien, IL
Teenagers: Where have we gone wrong?
I have 2 weeks left until I am a senior in high school. Just like the summers I have had before, this summer is going to be very quick because of the small amount of time I have left of being a minor. I thought about doing things even more big than I would have the last few summers. I don’t mean sleeping until 7 in the afternoon instead of 10 in the morning. But I also don’t mean going to parties every night and not coming home weeks at a time—maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. I mean doing things that I wouldn’t have done the years before because I was scared. I sat at the table with my parents discussing what I was going to do this summer. “I don’t want you to even think about doing the same things that other kids are doing at your age,” is what my dad told to me while we were having this conversation. I was confused and frustrated with this statement that my dad made with me. I don’t understand how they can expect me to act so dumb like other kids around this country.
There have been a bajillion reports about dumbass teenagers doing things that they shouldn’t have been doing. Although the news reports are all reflected… and talked about all over the world there is always more teenagers who keep making the same mistakes. Parents see it on the news and BAM they believe that doing those things is the new cool thing.
Let’s take a look at the problems we face shall we?
We act like we are a lot cooler than we really are.
We don’t think twice about what is right or wrong.
We stereotype.
We are hypocrites.
We admit to being a b****, asshole, etc because now a days people aren’t afraid to tell you that you are.
We judge.
We never learn from our mistakes.
You may say that we aren’t all like that. Truth is, about 104% of us know that we are like that. We just can’t stand to admit it. WE know that. Our parents on the other hand, don’t. We live everyday with hundreds of teenagers and feel different feelings and have different thoughts for each one of them. As for adults, not many of them would work with about 2 at the least and analyze their behavior, correct it or embrace it, then watch the news and find out about that girl that went to a party and never came home, and torture their teenager with a ridiculous speech on something a fetus would know about. It happens, and it sucks.
Saying no doesn’t seem like an option to people anymore. We all judge each other and complain about how much we hate it. We also explain how terrible it is to lie, cheat, and gossip… yet we are still there… whispering in each other’s ears.
Now that summer is coming, all these activities are full engaged, even on the week days. I hate seeing how people who make stupid decisions take freedoms away from other people. Because my parents know that these kinds of things are happening, they not only tell me that they don’t want me to do things, but also include the fact “It’s not that we don’t trust you, we don’t trust the people around you.” Someone needs to make it clear to me how that makes ANY sense. Our generation is terrible. Now, are we ALL terrible? There is too many of us to test that. We are also multiplying quickly because some people chose not to do small tasks like putting on a condom, taking a pill, or just saying no. I can’t even count how many girls have made decisions that they regret about now. I’m lucky to say I’m not one of those girls to say that—although I might be tempted to just go to a couple of crazy parties. And I don’t plan on doing that to myself, and my future. So I would choose to do something like going to the beach or attending a few baseball games, have lemonade or hot dog in my hand, and just relaxing.
Just like teenagers judge a group of people in a school, our parents are judging everyone in our generation and stamping everything that is happening with us is what we are going to do this summer. But, adults aren’t the ones to blame. If we were just more respectful and going out on a hot date only meant making out at a drive in movie theatre, we would be a million times better off as a generation, also there wouldn’t be so many 34 year old parents at graduation ceremonies.
He gazed aimlessly at the jet plane growing farther from him. As he begun to regret, his phone started to ring with her name
He gazed at the jet plane growing farther from him. As he began to regret, his phone displayed a text saying “Goodbye. I love you.”

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