A New Kind O f Reading

May 7, 2013
By , Bloomfield Hills, MI
A New Kind of Reading

You can go outside and ask someone if they have an e-reader. The likely answer will be yes. People today think that it’s the best way to read. But it’s really not. Reading on an electronic device isn’t the best way to read because it hurts you and the environment.

A lot of people read from some form of electronic device. Some read before bed. I do too. But what I didn’t know is that it’s harder to 1) fall asleep and 2) have a good nights rest. It’s different or every person so maybe you fall asleep really fast. But one this is for sure; people who read off of their device don’t sleep as well as those who don’t. The screen acts as a stimulant for your brain. Even if the brightness is really low down.

I read every night before bed no matter how late it is. There was always a device there. I slept horribly with it. From personal experience, I know that reading from and e-reader isn’t good for sleep.

Before you even start to read on your electronic device, you have to get the book first. To get the book, you buy it first. This is the companies’ way of getting money. You can get the same exact book from the library for free. Library cards are free. So the books are free. All you have to do is drive over there. The reason they have it for free is because of the taxes you pay. You pay taxes and the library stays open.

Even though the e-readers are for reading, many companies’ have made it so you can do anything. The first e-reader had books and the bookstore on it. There wasn’t anything else. Now a days, most e-readers have apps, and the Internet, and cameras, etc. This takes away from the first e-reader. It takes away from the purpose of the e-reader, to read. Now, people get sidetracked from the reason they were made. Books make it so that there is a book and nothing else.

Some people think that having no internet is a bad thing. I think its good books are made like that. If you ere just going to play on it, go get in iPad or tablet. I like to read so having something with multiple purposes on it isn’t that great. Reading should be enjoyed not something interrupted by e-mails or Facebook notifications popping up. Once that happens, most people click on it to see what someone said. They don’t read.

Reading on e-readers is also bad for the environment. To make it, you have to build the parts. This usually comes from a factory. And to be honest, those are very big CO2 emitters. Then you have to ship it out to the stores. The writers send it out to someone who then puts it on the devices’ store. They usually do it electronically and that takes electricity from a company. And to tell you the truth, they use fossil fuels most likely. The same at home when you need to charge it when it gets a low battery.

Some might disagree with everything I have just said. They might think that because you have all the books in one place, it’s better. You waste less paper. Plus you don’t have to go out and get it. But after reading this, do you really think that is?

I did a study and asked people if they liked reading off of e-readers or regular books. I found that 8 out of 10 people liked reading off of books rather than e-readers. This goes to show that more people like to read off of books.

In general, e-readers aren’t the best way to read. People read for enjoyment, but how are you so posed to read with the distractions? If you ask me, it’s pretty hard. I can’t tell you what and whatnot to do. You make your own choices. But after reading this, do you think reading on an e-reader is the best choice? Just remember the original way. Then make you choice.

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