Foes of Clothes

May 7, 2013
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Foes of Clothes

Living as a teenager comes with many different flaws. One of the topics of teenage stress is clothing trends. The latest clothing brand trends affect teen’s lives in a negative way. Jealousy, bullying and expensive costs come with buying and wearing the latest clothing trends. Teens fear if they do not follow the latest trends that they will be looked at differently and even bullied.

Beginning my first year of middle school was pretty nerve racking. Thinking about what the older kids and your class mates would think about you made me nervous. In fourth grade nothing really mattered regarding look. Fifth grade was the year where you would find the friends you would hang out with for the rest of middle school and possibly high school. One thing that shaped what “group” of friends you would be in was look. A trend is a style or vogue that everyone wants to have. If you followed the clothing trends then you would be considered cool and if you didn’t follow the clothing trends then you would be secretly put aside by the so called “popular”kids.

American Apparel, Lululemon and Uggs are some of the trends that shaped who you were and still are today. When your peer asks, “Hey, where did you get those shoes,” teenagers reply with the location and the price. Most trends are expensive. This makes it hard for some families to afford them. I interviewed friends and asked, “Do you think the latest clothing trends are too expensive?” Four out of seven replied yes, two out of seven replied somewhat and one out of seven replied no. Parents are usually the ones purchasing this most likely expensive clothing. If becomes a problem when families cannot afford these trends. It seems these days the higher the price, the better the look.

In middle school appearance is everything. Like I said before I interviewed a few of my peers. One stated, “Kids get bullied if they do not wear famous clothing brand trends. It does not matter if you wear them or not. The kids not wearing the latest trends should not be bullied. People, especially teens, should express themselves through their clothing and be unique in their own way.” Also, five out of seven said people that don’t wear trends are looked at differently.

On this path, teens should express themselves with what they wear. Five out of seven said yes, teens should express themselves with what they wear and two out of seven said no.

The next time you open your closet to get your outfit for the day think about how many pieces of clothing you have purchased to follow a trend. Try to wear an outfit that you can’t name a brand with. The next time you are at the store, think about how clothing trends affect your life and others around you. Could that shirt hanging in the store cause someone to feel bad or even jealous about what they own and wear? Wear what you want to wear to be yourself and stand out.

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