It's Impossible Not to Judge A Book By Its Cover

May 4, 2013
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It is a nice, breezy spring day in the city. You walk down 5th Avenue and all you can see are people wearing black shirts and dark pants with old, ripped tennis shoes, right? That probably wouldn’t be the case, especially in one of the biggest culturally diverse and fashion-diffused cities in the world. However, you probably will see people with completely different styles all throughout the block. One person may be the “conservative” businessman, wearing a tidy suit with a briefcase or you may also see a person with a completely different look with porcupine-like, spikey hair and piercings/ tattoos lingering down their arm. But, can and what does fashion really tell about another person?

Fashion is all about self expression, and the way a person dresses can definitely make way to their personality. Whether one’s personality is fun and radiant or serious and traditional, one can also tell by another person’s sense of style. For example, Lady Gaga is a bold dresser, never failing to surprise and sometimes create controversy within the society. However, some say that those crazy meat dresses are a form of expression and that it lives up to her wild, carefree personality. In addition, the infamous Rihanna has also made her way up the fashion ladder. More and more people are noticing her grungy, fierce style. Her clothing or her “wild-child” look may represent her spunky, risky personality.

Moreover, one’s style can tell society how rich or poor a person is. Obviously, not all the time, because a person can always go to thrift store and coincidentally find high-end, designer goods. However, let’s be honest-that doesn’t happen too often. For example, when someone is wearing raggedy, ripped clothing and have dirt on their face, you know that he/she isn’t too well off. In contrast, if one wears Gucci sunglasses and is drenched in all things foreign, you probably could tell that this person is fortunate or has the money to buy all these luxuries.

No one ever says, “Fashion is so boring.” Fashion is one of the unique aspects that make one individual different from another. People may have similar articles of clothing, but no person has the same exact sense of style as another person. In other words, what one person likes may be the total opposite of what another person would wear on a daily basis. Fashion tells us about a person’s personality and how he/she would like to be portrayed. Furthermore, style allows people to be free and create their own identity. But, society shouldn’t be surprised if others judge a person by his/her book cover.

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