April 27, 2013
By MeeraN BRONZE, Manhattan Beach, California
MeeraN BRONZE, Manhattan Beach, California
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Beep. Buzz Ring-a-doodle-doo! My phone’s incessant honking and tooting are the result of innumerable text messages, each with a complex code not even a cryptologist can decipher. TTYL GIRL, says one. I sigh, knowing that civilization as we know it has ended with this inane invention. The air vibrates with zinging text messages, zooming and weaving in and out of radio waves and UV rays, bouncing off the other millions of messages commuting to complete their job. This undeniably insane, disorganized mess has polluted our clean, fresh air. Sidewalks, restaurants, cafes, cars, and trains are full of bumping fools that are physically unable to look up from their gadgets. Just like the whizzing text messages, our society has transformed into a massive, muddled chaos, a hurricane destined to destroy us.

What happened to the prime of society? We were civil animals, greeting each other cordially with polite “How-dos.” Words flowed freely and intertwined us humans into strong bonds; bonds of love, politics, and family. Modest words, boasting nothing but measly definitions, can be laced together to form beautiful definitions, can be laced together to form beautiful sentences, and when threaded together, these can form passages! Long passages follow the tide of sentences, currents resilient enough to pull one out to sea and wrap them in passionate words. Oh, the power woven into speech is astounding!

Words are clues, all mumbled and jumbled until a unique individual knits them into a story that narrates the little nuances about her. Our world should be made of mysteries, where we see a face on a street and wonder, what’s her story?, where we watch words transform an individual into someone different entirely, where each character has layers, like a magnificent chocolate cake, begging to be consumed. I listen to someone talk, long strings of sentences winding their way out of one’s heart, unveiling another mystery, I watch people paint a picture with words vivid enough to illustrate personages that are like no other. A simple conversation consists of unassuming phrases, yet the way people loop them together into passages expresses a soul hidden behind a facade of gadgets that threaten to force one into solitude. When I talk, I talk about myself, the world, the people around me, in words that tell a story about me. I learned to talk, then read, and words came alive. I became a part of this world through words, and I want to live life knowing that language shall reign. And it shall reign, through the inexplicable connections that words form between the most obscure people. Through these connections I shall spread my love of words.

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