Galaxy Tights

January 22, 2013
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The following may seem harsh, but it’s the harsh truth.
When I walk down the road I pass people walking dogs, old men on their way to get some milk from the shops, kids riding bikes and heaps of other things. The one thing that clearly stands out is the amount of girls who think it’s fashionable to wear galaxy tights.
It’s not.
First of all, my fashion and design class did a project on these and I will admit that in theory they seem like a good idea, however in reality (where most of us live) it definitely is not. You may think you look super cool and have legs that are “out of this world”, but let’s face it, it looks like NASA threw up on your pants.
A couple of hundred years ago, if you were a woman who didn’t wear modest clothing you were considered undesirable. So in my opinion, it’s safe to say that pairing galaxy tights with a midriff that barely covers your bra does not make you any more attractive. It makes you look cheap, so stop it.
Finally, I would like to point out that in however many years’ time, if you have children I’m sure you would want to ensure that they don’t embarrass themselves. Consider what you might think when you look back at your photos of you in these tights and if you still think you look super gorgeous, then get some help.
I don’t care how beautiful you are, galaxy tights don’t suit anyone.
It’s time to stop this trend.

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