My Facebook Rant

January 11, 2013
By , Evans Mills, NY
Facebook is a good place to keep in touch with old friends, look at pictures, and post statuses. Thing about Facebook is that people post way too many pictures of themselves and post very annoying statuses that no one cares about. Now every time I get on Facebook there is always a new picture up of the same girl! With same face and same camera angle. Come on. Everybody liked all your other pictures that look exactly the same… WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ADD MORE?! Yet you feel the need to say something about this picture like: “Oh I look so ugly in this picture…bleh” or “You can only find true love…” I don’t really know any love sayings because they are super corny. Why in the first place would you put the picture up if you thought you were ugly huh? You just want a million people to like it and comment on it (the people who like it and comment on it are generally the same people who, liked all your other pictures). STOP!

Another thing with pictures…boy who have “swag” take a billion topless pictures with either shorts on or skinny jeans. They always say “#swag to the max” or “fight me dawg.” Well for one thing I am not going to fight you for your jeans, that are too small on you and are meant for girls. Another thing PUT A SHIRT ON!! I can understand if you are at the beach or at the pool. I don’t see a swimming pool in your bathroom only a toilet or a tub. I am pretty sure you cannot swim in either of those. The girls who comment on your pictures or like them think you are “hot” because they are obviously desperate.

The like button. I hate when I go to look at someone’s picture and you see that one same girl or guy liking all of them…Can I say STALKER!! GET A LIFE!! You might be able to find a very reasonable price at Wal-Mart.

Lastly, statuses. I see the same person post annoying statues (that are ALLL THE SAME, but rearranged). One status I saw recently that she said “Every time I see him. I melt” Who is he? Then five minutes later by the same person said, “Why can’t I have love? Why can’t you be mine?” Can I say yet again STALKER!! Whoever he is I’m pretty sure he does not like you as much as you are obsessed with him. Just stop you sound so desperate. You post them every single day. My news feed is blown up with your desperation. I want to walk to your house slap you with a fish, take all or any of your internet sources take them away and delete your accounts.



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