The Sexiest Man Alive

December 10, 2012
By , Woodland Park, CO
Channing Tatum, People magazines choice of “The Sexiest Man Alive”, is a true hero in our society. A hero is defined as “a person, typically a man, who is admired for courage or noble qualities” and might I say, Channing Tatum does have many noble qualities. While he holds a career as an actor, he is also a well known football fan, and charity worker. Channing exhibits the qualities our American society looks up to. Whether it be his sculpted body, defined jaw line, height, or incredible talent; he has it all. As Americans we have a defined culture. There are many factors to what we admire as well as what we fear. In Channing Tatum’s case we admire his looks, his strength and his talent, and he takes away the fear, or stress, that we have from social pressures and judgment.

Based upon looks alone Channing Tatum is the ideal hero. He is the perfect image that every man wants to become. In one of his latest movies, Magic Mike, he is cast as a male stripper for this exact reason. In one of his other well known productions, The Vow, he fights to gain back a relationship with his wife after she suffers from memory loss. This movie is an example of how he is not just muscle but has a genuine personality. Tatum, is socially seen to be admirable because of his appeal to the limitations of society. His sweet personality and ability to jump into any role, topped off with a 6 feet 1 inch of defined muscle is what our society expects of men. By meeting these expectations he is a hero to many viewers.

Tatum also appeals to what frightens Americans. Many citizens are scared at the fact that they may not meet others expectations or surpass their judgments. Tatum takes these judgments and throws them out the window, which makes American’s feel like they can do the same. Although he was voted as America’s Sexiest Man Alive, he is not reveling in the title. His lack of expression for this award shows Americans that an image is not all that matters. Channing Tatum is seen as a hero in our society because he is the true male figure, but also because he shows American’s that it is alright to feel free of judgment and live without pressure. This comforts American’s fears while appealing to what we believe to be admirable.

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