December 3, 2012
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The students should fight for their right to have all Internet restrictions removed.

Why block Facebook if we know how to use it? It’s more than a social network. It’s the modern aged study group .Everyday comments include: “When is this due? Do you understand that?”

It’s an endless resource for students to use when they need help.

It’s understandable if the underclassmen have more restrictions, but we should urge the limitation of the Internet restrictions for the upperclassmen. Many students form side groups in Facebook, but not in the terms you may think.

In the junior class it is used to inform the graduating class of 2014 of what is going on, such as class meetings, study groups, and homework assignments. More students pay attention to Facebook than teachers giving a lesson. It’s sad but is indeed true.

Don’t make Facebook an enemy but an ally instead. Facebook isn’t the enemy here if you know how it can be used.

In the junior class alone, we already are leading with our communication with one page alone: “Class of 2014.” There is even talk about having AP classes have their own page to discuss and help each other help when needed.

There are also school sponsored clubs that use Facebook to keep in touch about when and where meetings are. They also use it as a way to ensure everyone knows what they have to do.

Students should be encouraged to use this site; the more we work together the less bullying there is to worry about. Teachers believe that is what Facebook is for: bullying. It doesn’t have to be, if you only take the time and watch how the students are using it. There are debates, discussions, and opinions all over walls of groups dedicated to school.

Sstudents should have the freedom to view Facebook without having their Internet contract revoked. This is a resource that the students shouldn’t be deprived of.

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