Facebook is Truly Good!!!

December 7, 2012
By , brook, IN
So I must admit I have a Facebook page myself .Some good things is that Facebook is an easy way to describe yourself – or, what you want people to think you’re like – in only a few simple steps. Your profile can be changed easily, and can tell anyone who is your ‘friend’ your name, gender, birthday, hometown, email, or high-school. In the ‘relationship status’, Facebook offers a number of choices, including the regular like ‘single’, ‘in a relationship’, ‘married’, and even weird ones like ‘in an open relationship’ and ‘it’s complicated’. If your in a relationship with someone, your profile links to theirs.

Other things teens always edit are their ‘favorites’. We can discover that someone likes Justin Bieber, One Direction, the TV show Awkward, roller coasters, Miley Cyrus, PETA, tanning, Slurpees, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayne Malik, Louis Tomolsin and the movie Big Mama even . Every Facebook profile has a message ‘wall’ where people leave notes – open to view for any Facebook friend. Many wall comments include, ‘im grounded toooo! txt me’ or ‘aww luv u <3’ or ‘heckz yes’.

I suppose I get what Facebook is really about. It’s about social status and where you sit collectively in your school or community. You can take funny quizzes like ‘Why would you get kicked out of McDonalds’ (with weird answers that simply make people want to comment stuff like ‘haha’ or ‘omg luv it!!!!’), or you can instant message your BFF and do nothing but LOL at random things people post. Yeah, waiting around and looking at other people’s pictures sounds really fun.

Now this is why Facebook is really good.
Now don’t even get me started on MySpace.

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