That Girl with Those Shoes

November 29, 2012
One word. Perfect. All the girls who put great outfits together must have shoes that complement the colors of the wearer’s outfit and personality.

I would consider this person to be unique because I know a lot of people that don’t have the courage to wear anything that stands out. This particular girl loves fall and spring because of the colors, mood, and weather they bring. She loves to be creative, hence the fact the color scheme of everything about her, and the other important contributor; the boots. To this girl fashion does not seem critical only another perspective, interpretation, or aid to see her personality. 8th Grade. The bee hive of personality. To me and I’m sure other people, care about how other people see them from outside the glass and shoes are only a portion of all the bees. “Sperry’s, Toms, Sneakers? NO. Boots? Absolutely! A perfect day can only trigger a better mood than this girl is already in.

This is how I perceive this girls’ actions and thoughts every morning. Let’s see. . . Outfit with great color scheme? Check! Boots on my feet for magnification of my personality and creativity? Check!

This is only routine for the girl that wears these boots and not one step shall be regretted.

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