The Swag Problem

November 1, 2012
By Anonymous

One may think that there are too many problems with our generation to simply name one. Well you, my friend are incorrect. It is not technology that is sending us down the drain, nor is it our laziness. It is not the video games or the noise we call entertainment. I am talking about something much more threatening to our future. Ladies and gentlemen, I am referring to the “fashionable” trend of sagging.

The ones who chose to follow such trend can only be considered the ones to set us up for a frightful future. According to ChaCha 32% of boys sag their pants. If these boys are already walking around with their pants falling off and exposing their under garments, what will it be like in 20 years? I believe that as this trend continues, pants will be worn lower and lower. Eventually, men will walk around with no pants at all. Some people may argue that this isn’t a problem; however the generations before us would be completely ashamed. The obvious problem with this occurring would be that it is just extremely inappropriate; I mean why wouldn’t it be a problem?

Think back to the ages when it wasn’t even acceptable to see a woman’s ankles. Today, you see a woman’s ankles at least once a day! This all happened because women started to change the way they dress, just like our boys have now. After the showing of ankles was no longer a big deal, the years went on and it became the norm to see a lot more of a woman than one may want to see. I don’t need to see any more of a boy than they are already exposing to us.

Over all, I think I’ve made my point very clear on how the so called “fashionable” trend of sagging is the main problem of our generation. To prevent the future of walking naked men, I believe that this fashion trend should become illegal. Boys need to be taught how to dress once again in order for our generation to be the best it can be. Maybe some boys should consider even attending rehab. Whatever it takes, it should be acted upon immediately.

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