Im lol @ ur "Swag"

October 29, 2012
By GabbyRuddick BRONZE, FLORISSANT, Colorado
GabbyRuddick BRONZE, FLORISSANT, Colorado
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“Im lol @ ur swag”, honestly, its gone too far. We have officially stepped over the virtual lingo line with the absurd word of, “swag”. We as a people must get rid of this dreadful word.

Swag meaning style, class, attitude, clothes, cars, all that comes with being cool, duh. But what is swag really? Its exactly what it stands for, S-something. W-we. A-all. G-get tired of hearing. Its never one thing anymore with this society, now a’ days you either have it all and have swag, or you don’t. Also, older people generally don’t get it, cant we just stick with something everyone seems to understand. I mean, you tell the principal he has swag, and he automatically is going to assume your calling him stupid or something completely off the wall, but if you didn’t know what it mean wouldn’t you too? The word swag doesn’t have a very nice flow in the way most people say it. Also, half the time, the violent nature of the way people say swag isn’t even in the right context as to what the dictionary says it means, and the way the person uses it. This is exactly why the word, swag, should most certainly be banned from all use.

Once in class, a few guys i knew were being dumb, as usual and they kept saying swag really loudly and at the strangest of times for no reason at all. They did this just to be funny, but it wasnt funny at all. It just didnt make sense and it was annoying. People say this word just to have something to say because some people obviously cant just be quite every once and awhile. This, is once again one of those things that makes the word swag so terriably un "swag"?

Eliminating this word will hepl to restore our english speaking population back to the age of class. Maybe we can now start to realize we shouldnt just make up words without any kind of a sense of meaning to them that will actually benifit our society.

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