October 29, 2012
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The adaptation of a work of art is melding the writers spirit with the original author’s to form a new piece that is neither completely the writers’ nor authors. An example is what Brian Hegelian’s, A Knight’s Tale. The original story Brian used was The Knight’s Tale, which is a story about two knights’ fight for who will be wed to Emily. Hegelian’s adaptation of The Knight’s Tale was called A Knight’s Tale. This is a story of how William Thatcher starts as a peasant, but changes his stars and becomes a knight while in a competition with Adhemar for the love of Jocelyn. I found both stories enjoyable and humorous, however the grade I would give Mr. Hegel and for adapting The Knights Tale would have to be C+.

One of the reasons I would give Hegeland a C+ is because the whole story has a different plot from The Knight’s Tale. There are not many similarities in the two pieces. True, the historical time setting was about the same, but the glaring other inconstancies are annoying .The difference is that The Knight’s Tale is about two noble princes trapped in prison. It told how they escaped from their cell to find their true love which happens to be the same person. The other story, A Knight’s Tale is about how William Thatcher goes from peasant to Knight due to his jousting skills, the wit and encouragement of his friends. Yet other example of the contrast between the two is how the stories have a love conflict. In The Knight’s Tale, Arcita and Palimony are both and love with Emily and have to fight for her. In A Knight’s Tale William is in love with Jocelyn and Adhemar wants Jocelyn too. Now, on the surface this may seem to be the same scenario, but it is not. The difference is Arcita and Palamon could both be considered the protagonist but in A Knight’s Tale it is clear that Adhemar is the antagonist and William is the protagonist.

All in all there are similarities between the two stories, but there was just way too much that was different. Especially along the lines of how the characters from both stories didn’t share enough similar characteristics with the characters from the other story. However I did learn from these two stories is that there is a fine line between adapting a story and making a totally different story. Even with the grade I gave Mr. Hegelian still think he was able to make a successful adaption of The Knights Tale while still being able to make it his own story.

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