Let's Make a Wish

October 29, 2012
By Anonymous

Look up to the night sky when your life is in the dumps, close your eyes, and “wish upon a shooting star”. Or here’s one, it’s your birthday, and instead of being grateful for another year of your life you close your eyes and blow out the candles just “wishing” for something better. Oh, and don’t forget that every night at 11:11 pm (if you’re even awake that late) it’s your chance to make a “wish” for something. Why do we do this? Maybe this is the problem in our society; there is too much wishing and not enough action. I just wish “wish” would go away.

To wish is to want, to desire or to long for. Many people wish more then they work. They just wish life would be better, they wish they could fall in love, the wish they would be something greater. I don’t like this word because it sets people up to be either a) disappointed or b) lazy. Disappointed in the fact that wishes hardly ever come true and lazy because when you wish for something you are never really putting that want into action.

Don’t worry though; it’s not our faults that we believe in wishes. We grew up watching Disney movies right? “A dream is a wish your heart makes” was one of my favorite songs growing up. In the fairytales, the poor girl would make a wish and she and some random guy would live happily ever after. “Wishing” goes against faith and religion which is essential to life. Whether you call yourself an atheist or a diehard Buddhist, everyone needs something to believe in and wishing won’t get you there.

Think to yourself how many times you have wished for something and it never came true. Now think about how many times you have wished for something and put that want into action, your probability for the likelihood of it happening had quadrupled. If we, as English speakers eliminate wish from our vocabulary, more people will stop thinking and start doing. Now let’s say it together everyone! “I wish the word wish would go away forever!” Now stop saying it.

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