Frozen Showdown

October 23, 2012
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Everyone loves frozen desserts in the summer or winter! When you crave a frozen dessert, you have to decide where to set out. You can always treat yourself with a delicious snack that can be taken anywhere. You don’t know where you’re going yet because you always want a affordable dessert, so I will save your troubles by showing the differences and similarity from Yogurtland and Coldstone Creamery. We will wander at both establishment flavors, topping and size containers.

To start off with, you have to decide what flavors you want because both places are different. At Yogurtland, there are different flavors every time you come there. This week they had milk chocolate hazelnut, double cookies & cream, dutch chocolate, plain tart and etc. But remember they don’t have it for long because they have many more flavors that they are creating and experimenting with. Also, in the season they open up exclusive yogurt that you will probably be found nowhere else in the world. Then Coldstone Creamery never changes leaving its customers with their old time favorite for all eternity. Coldstone has two ways of making ice cream like make your own and their signature creations. You can choose assortments of flavors for make your own from sinless sans fat to cake batter. The signature creation are not custom, but can satisfy your taste bud easily. There are cookie doughn’t you want some, birthday cake remix, chocolate devotion, founder’s favorite and much more. Finally, it’s what they put in the ice cream to create the flavor. Yogurtland makes yogurts of course, but what makes their yogurt taste so scrumptious? They say that they search far and wide for the most exotic and freshest ingredients all around the world to create what you see before your eyes when you take a bite of their freshly prepared yogurt. At Coldstone Creamery,however, they also search the globe for premium ingredients and invent original flavors. They offer fresh ice cream in store everyday using the finest ingredients to deliver the best tasting ice cream to you. All in all, both places have different flavors, but they can eliminate your craving with their original flavors.

Along with that, each place are filled with endless rows of condiments. For example, Yogurtland has toppings that come in all type of variety. There are fruit toppings like peach, mango,kiwi, raspberry, cantaloupe, oranges, lychee, honeydew. Also there are dry toppings such as mo chi, s’mores, magic stars, coco puffs, fruit loops, fruity pebbles, carob chip, mini gummy bears, granola, coconut flakes, graham crackers, almonds, nilla wafer, red bean, teddy graham, and frosted animal cookies. Along with that, Coldstone Creamery has many exotic toppings that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, there are local mix in favorites like ALMOND JOY® Candy, black licorice, chocolate shavings, Crunch bar, gumballs, REESE'S PIECES® Candy, ROBIN EGGS® Candy, Twix, WHOPPERS ® Candy, YORK ® Peppermint Patties. Plus there are cakes and cookie items such as fat free brownies, devil's food cake, OREO® pie crust, sugar cone pieces, vanilla wafers, yogurt covered pretzels. Lastly, they have some sorts of condiments that are the same. Some of these examples are strawberries, blueberries, cookie dough, fudge and many more that will delight you. In conclusion, each places have many types of exotic and sweet topics that you can choose from.

Furthermore, each of these franchises also includes containers to hold your dessert. At Yogurtland there are are two types of containers to hold your yogurt. They have small containers that can hold up to five pounds of yogurt including the toppings. Also, they have their large which is the same, but can hold up to seven pounds of yogurt ideal for a group of two or more. Next, Coldstone has all type of containers from take home to on the go. The take home container are 32 oz. containers which is perfect for parties and special events. There is mine which is perfect for one to two people, ours which is for two to three people and for everybody’s meaning a large group of people up to 5 people. To end with, they do have some similarity for their containers. They containers of both establishment can carry as much as the other place. Coldstone small size container can hold to 5 pounds and Yogurtland can too even though Yogurtland is more cheaper. In conclusion, both places have containers, yet they can carry the amount you want for a cheaper price.

In the end, Yogurtland and Coldstone are both delicious, but it all depends on what you like better. Remember when you crave a frozen dessert, you have to decide where to set out. You can always treat yourself with a delicious snack that can be taken anywhere you, but you decide where to run off to. You don’t know where you’re going yet because you always want a affordable dessert. So after all of this is over, go head off to Yogurtland or Coldstone, but remember you decide what is the better place.

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