Pull 'em Up

October 22, 2012
By Anonymous

“Pants on the ground, pants on the ground. Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground.” This song indicates that many people have noticed this growing problem with our generation. We have this ‘cool’ yet disturbing trend, sagging pants, pants that are so low that they reveal the individuals underwear.

Some students think it is necessary to sag their pants, and this is one of our generation’s biggest problems. According to “The Box”, an internet source, a man was waiting at a bus stop, in Fargo North Dakota, the bus arrived and he went to the bus to receive his ticket. They denied him entry, he was told that his pants were too low and his butt was showing. The argument went on for some time, until the man hit the ticket taker with a magazine rack. The man was charged with assault. When we see things like this it makes us wonder why people sag their pants. They believe it makes them look cool, but in reality they look like penguins. The way they have to hold up their pants and waddle when they walk makes you wonder if we evolved from monkeys or penguins. Why do they think it’s cool, can’t they see the people who are walking behind, mimicking, and making fun of them?

There may be disastrous consequences if this problem is not stopped. People already walk around scared that they will be robbed; we don’t want to add another worry that you are going to be hit with a magazine rack because you comment on someone’s pants. Also, we might all turn into penguins and die because all the ice caps are melting and we will have no place to live. Or we will have to start wearing overalls, like the Oshkosh B’gosh brand, and we all know that only little kids look good in them. If we want to keep our opposable thumbs and fashion then we need to start handing out belts like they’re candy, and make belts the new trend. Could officials make it a criminal offense to sag pants? Can you imagine that? If it is still a problem, the government might start regulating the size of pants you can buy and outlaw loose fitting pants, just like they regulate school lunches because of a perceived obesity problem. This is an obvious problem that needs to come to an end. So to all you sagging pants lovers, pull ‘em up.

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