It's Called Childhood

October 20, 2012
By , Corpus Christi, TX
I play with toys. You heard me. I collect and film Littlest Pet Shop and play with dolls and stuffed animals and make plushies. I still sleep and pray with a stuffed lamb every night. I love unicorns and rainbows and my favorite color is pink. My favorite animal is a wombat and I believe in narwhals. And I’m proud of it. Why?

It’s called childhood.

You may be wondering why a teen would act like a child. Well, in my opinion teens are still children. They go to school and live with their parents. But what made the world think that when you become a “teen,” you are automatically no longer a child? Why does the world think that once you’re a teen you automatically have to stop playing with toys and “grow up?”

I might think this, too. I might change who I am and blend in with everyone else. But I’m home schooled, and I found that if you are left to your own devices and aren’t under the influence of all the trendy stuff at school you find your own personality, who you are, not whatever society molds you to be.

My parents support whoever I want to be. They encourage me to not grow up too fast. They let me enjoy my childhood while I still have it. I still do well in school and take care of my responsibilities and such, yes, but I’m allowed to be my own person. I don’t read gossip magazines or wear makeup. I don’t play in sports or have crushes on pop superstars or whatever.

Because I’m happy with who I am.

And who I am is a young, bubbly girl who doesn’t care if she’s different from other people. And if you don’t like that, that’s your problem. But maybe you are a little bit like me. Maybe you hide your dolls or Beanie Baby collection from your friends because you’re afraid they won’t think you’re cool.

Well, trust me when I say that your real friends will like you for who you are. I know it’s not easy. Believe me, it’s hard to make friends like that. But it’s possible. After years of loneliness I have found the truest of friends who like me for me, and you will, too.

So play with your toys if you want. Hug your dolls if you feel like it. Don’t be afraid to be your own person.

It’s called childhood. Enjoy it.

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