Kids These Days.

June 22, 2012
By SEALs SILVER, Hortonville, Wisconsin
SEALs SILVER, Hortonville, Wisconsin
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Interesting, how kids my age have no work ethic. No spine, no muscle. The most money that they make is from their parents, who give them a 50 dollar allowance, to go spend on some cheap high. Interesting how parents these days never tell there kids no to something, because they are to afraid to. Interesting how kids my age, are trying to be Gun Toting Hip Gangster wannabes, and joining gangs. Well, they are not gangsters, nor in a gang. A gangster is Al Capone, or Baby Face Nelson, or John Dillinger. A real gang is Al Capone's Gang. Interesting how kids these days listen to Rap and Hip-Hop, that sings about beating and raping and killing and getting high and drunk. Its sickening, how society has become this corrupt. Then there a kids like me, who actually have a job,and make more money a 42 year old. I make an average of about three thousand dollars a month (during the summer) just by cutting lawns. I am thirteen, and I have my own car. When I can't drive until sixteen, but i bought it because i knew it would be better to buy the car and fix it up. Everything I have, I bought. From my Guitars, to my T.V to the laptop I am using now. I have my own bills. Don't think I do? Its called Gamefly and Netflix. Hard work, and labor strengthen you up. I am a perfect example of how kids my age should be. Working, and making money, and saving it. Listening to real decent music, and not the Rap stuff that you can't understand a word they say. Interesting, don't you think?

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