Why do we care?

June 29, 2012
By lisTKM GOLD, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
lisTKM GOLD, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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Why do we even care anymore, how we look in all the name brand clothes?
Does comfort even matter anymore? Why should it matter who wore it best? The person wears the clothes, it's not like she's undressed.
Why do we care if her earrings aren't our style?
They're hers and make her smile.
Why do we care if her lip stick is a weird color?
It makes her feel confident.
Why do we care, if she marches to her own drum? Celebrities don't actually dress themselves.
Why do we care about the accessories we choose to represent ourselves it's ours for no one else to judge.
Why do we care about how thin or thick any one person is? If there are all sorts of shapes and sizes and all of them are beautiful.
And who the hell cares if she wears the weirdest clothes in school?
In case you haven't noticed there's no fun in blending in.
The truth is we all pay attention to this sort of thing because we're not used to seeing all of represented in Hollywood. The popular girls at school all care because they love to flaunt their money, is no one original these days?
Who cares if what we wear is so last season? It shouldn't matter anyways. The clothes, the accessories, the make up, and the shoes were made to highlight who you are and tell a story to the rest of the world. So tell me why do we care? Because the truth is we shouldn't, and is no such thing as, 'normal'.

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