June 12, 2012
By Cortney.Lynn GOLD, Hughesville, Pennsylvania
Cortney.Lynn GOLD, Hughesville, Pennsylvania
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There are millions of people in this world and how am I supposed to stand out. How am I supposed to express who I am without blending in with everyone else. My words are my dream. But how am I supposed to make my writing stand out? It seems like its impossible because I don’t stand out in a crowd of people.. I don’t turn heads and I’m not the center of attention. I’m the shy one. I don’t always speak my mind or talk to new people and make new friends. So if I don’t stand out in a group of people then how am I suppose to make my writing stand out to other people. Explaining myself in writing is easier then explaining myself in person but still, how do you stand yourself out from the crowd?

I can’t even get my own parents to grasp that I want to be a writer. They are set on me being a photographer. Yeah, I love photography and I’d love it to be part of my future but what I really want is to be a writer. For a magazine or even maybe an author, set your standers high. When you tell your parents what you want your future to be they are suppose to be happy and be glad you have a dream… mine just looked at me like I was crazy and just talked about how I can go to this college or that college for photography. Photography’s amazing, but I’m more passionate about my words and writing.

A picture explains a thousand words without any words at all. But not everyone notices the words a picture is shouting. So instead of taking a picture that has one huge meaning to it and people just saying, “oh that’s pretty” why not use your words and explain to someone the true meaning? Getting your words deep inside them where they have never explored before. Hitting their soft spot and making them change their life around or just understand the true meaning of life. Yes, take a pretty picture that shows meaning but along with that picture explain the meaning, write an article, or a poem. Then they will look back at that picture and notice the true meaning of the picture. They will tear it up in small pieces and notice every little meaningful piece of the picture.

But aren’t words easier? To show the way of life.

To hit someone in they’re soft spot.

Make them think.

Really think.

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