Books, replaced?

April 28, 2012
By natjane27 SILVER, DKI Jakarta, Other
natjane27 SILVER, DKI Jakarta, Other
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Ah, technology. The new era wonder of our world that has revolutionized the way we see our world. People a thousand miles away are now only a few clicks away. Pens and papers are quickly being replaced by notebooks and tablets. More and more people argue about the use of books “chopping down trees for paper” and that tablets are a “greener choice”. As much as that sounds logical, is it true that tablets and computers can really replace the old-fashioned books?

In my opinion, when we read something, it isn’t just a visual experience. It is the place where the words take you to a whole different world. It is the feel of the pages of an old favorite, or the sleek pages of a newly bought book. It is the smell of paper, and the sound of the papers rustling through your fingers as you flip the pages. It is the way words are shaped on the page, with letters big and small, and drawings made with ink. It is the texture of the cover page contrasting with rest of the book. In short, reading a book isn’t simply “reading the words”, it is a full body experience that takes your reading time to a whole different level. And I don’t think you can get those kinds of sensations with tablets or notebooks.

It’s true that 300 million tons of paper is used worldwide each year, and paper comes from trees and as we know the number of trees are quickly decreasing. It is also true that books cannot provide all the information we need. However, I don’t think that tablets can really replace books. As beneficial as tablets and notebooks may be, a book really gets us to appreciate the process of reading through a piece of writing. In short, I don’t think books can 100% be replaced, although the advances of technology may seem to be replacing the use of books. Books are just too valuable and too wonderful to be replaced.

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As a tablet user and a bookworm, I feel this issue of books vs. tablets is a vital issue.

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on Apr. 9 2014 at 12:19 pm
thank you for writing this as a fellow bookworm i have a closet full of bookshelves, im writing a debate for school and this will be my topic

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