Embrace your true 'Make Up'

May 31, 2012
By RunnerLaura BRONZE, Sweet Home, Oregon
RunnerLaura BRONZE, Sweet Home, Oregon
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Women, particularly teenage girls in general, are all victims and slaves to the itchy, materialistic ways of make up. Why take something so unique and natural, no matter what you believe, and turn it into a mass produced, completely conformist face for which too many must obtain?

Being a teenager myself, I see this daily in the hallways of my high school. If in the bathroom, it is near impossible to wash my hands, for a large percentage of my gender are all squished together frantically putting on make up and telling each other how hideous they looked without it. Perhaps once noticing me, they are alarmed by my ‘all natural’ look, but at least I am not afraid to show my real face.

Humorously, I am not afraid to say that I am one in a minority that simply is challenged and confused on the application of these products. At every formal occasion I have attended for school, my friends release a sympathetic laugh at my cute ‘disability.’ However, it is true that I am completely unknowing in this field of femininity, but my knowledge tends to be in the important things; and in a way I take pride in my dysfunction!

Ironically, the most caked up make up resides on the faces of the girls who believe status within high school is also of a top priority. They may stand tall and proud among their fellow comrades, but inside they are concealed with rather obvious hypocrisy. If the need to hide your face with unnatural substances isn’t a sign of complete insecurity of oneself, I honestly do not know what is.

Furthermore, I understand this topic might be stepping the lines with my gender, but I merely wish to bring light to all who ‘need’ make up for security. I wish I could tell all that this necessity is ridiculous, and all of us are beautiful without the powder, liquid nonsense!

I am also accompanied with a lack of confidence, but I don’t turn to make up as a recovery. Make up definitely doesn’t solve my problem; it simply covers it and creates a sign and indication that such insecurities exist within.

The advertisement of these products doesn’t help either. Models and celebrities are used to demonstrate their cosmetics, and this truly brings your self esteem to an all time low. You purchase it with hopes of looking just like her. Face it… you never will, nor should you want to!

The criminals behind this popular marketplace aren’t showing the true woman for which they broadcast their products. The use of computers and Photoshop is almost always used. That ‘flawless’ model has just as many flaws and is far from the make believe realm of perfection like each and every one of us.

This diverse world is fascinating for that reason. Just embrace your true self and realize you’re the only you out there. That in itself is something to feel beautiful and proud of.

The author's comments:
The illusion of looking 'better' or 'pretty' with make up affects almost every female I know. It's sad to think that people can't accept their real and not materialistic beauties.

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Fangirl4 said...
on Apr. 13 2015 at 11:03 pm
Fangirl4, Portland, Oregon
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"It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone." -Cassandra Clare

People shouldn't feel obligated to wear lots of makeup if they don't want to, but I think what you're saying is a bit extreme. Calling it itchy nonsense isn't accurate. I actually want to be an MUA. I love how if you want to, you can look completely different. I'm fine with how I look without makeup, but I wear makeup because it is fun to apply and wear.

MissMonroe said...
on Oct. 25 2012 at 6:54 pm
I disagree with you that most girls wear makeup because they have insecurities. I am completly confident with myself when I wear no makeup whatsoever. I wear makeup because it is my passion to turn something already beautiful into something that is as or more beautiful, makeup is something I am really good at and that is why I wear it, my sister also wears it partially to cover her acne, but also because its something she is amazing at as well. So I personally think that you should consider that not everyone wears makeup because they have an "insecurity", but becuase they love to wear it. - MissMonroe


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