There Should be More Privacy on the Internet

May 25, 2012
By AKABoy123 BRONZE, Grayslake, Illinois
AKABoy123 BRONZE, Grayslake, Illinois
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I'm very upset and angry knowing that the police and future emplyoyers have access to my information and what I do on online, especially social networking sites like Facebook. Did you know that Google has a database that stores and knows what you searched through Google on each computer and can access it and give that information to police and government agencies? I was shocked when I found that out too, along with the rest of my Web Page Design class this semester after watching a video on Google that mentioned this. I feel violated knowing these things and I wish that the government removed the law or someone get rid of whatever allowed this to happen because it is an invasion of somebody's privacy and we should (if we don't already) have the right to keep things like that private.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I feel violated knowing that my future employers and the police can access my Facebook and other social networking sites without my permission and can deny me a job because of something I post, even though I have done nothing wrong. The Internet and what I do o it should be private and protected from others who intend to do harm and violate my privacy by doing this.

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