Planking: A Crazy Internet Epidemic

May 22, 2012
By Mitch Ryzuk BRONZE, Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey
Mitch Ryzuk BRONZE, Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey
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If you ever used Facebook in your life, you probably have heard about the internet fad called planking. In order to plank, you lay down flat on your stomach expressionless, with your arms and legs straight, like a plank on a pirate ship. The funny thing about planking is that you can go lay down on almost any surface. For example, you can plank on the top of a sign. Recently, planking has gone viral, and it seems to be getting out of control. I think that planking is a potentially dangerous thing to do because there are many risks to planking, it can make you look silly to other people, and there can be problems in public places when it comes to planking.

There are many risks you can take when you go planking. Planking may seem safe, but if you go plank on somewhere weird, you might be putting yourself and others at risk. If you plank on somewhere high above the ground, there are chances that you can fall, and you can hurt yourself seriously. Also, someone could accidentally trip on you, which can cause an injury. For today’s teenagers, the possibilities for where they can plank are just about endless. After all, if a person planks on a dangerous spot, they can put themselves and other people at risk of injury.

Planking can also make you look very silly to other people. If you plank in a populated area where there is a lot of people around, people might give you a crazy look. Normally, people wouldn’t lay down on the ground doing nothing. Also, some people might freak out because they might think you’re dead or asleep. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have someone freaking out because you’re doing something weird that they don’t know about. For example, I heard about a person who planked on the middle of a busy street, and someone freaked out because of that. The person called the police because he thought that he was committing suicide. If you plank in a populated area, people will not know what you’re doing and they could think differently from what you are really doing.

Planking inside a public building can cause different kinds of hazards. In our schools, some people might plank for amusement to the classmates. It might be funny to the students, but the administrators will not tolerate it. If a fire ever occurs in a public building, you will be clogging up the space people might have to easily get out. This can put you and all of the other people at risk because it will be harder to evacuate the building before time runs out. Additionally, if you are in school, you are simply wasting free time so you can get to class on time. If you plank in between classes, your chance of being late will increase, and the teachers don’t want that to happen. You might miss out learning about very important information! Overall, it is not recommended to plank in a public building a lot.

In conclusion, the popular internet fad called planking is a potentially dangerous thing to do. Planking can be a health concern because you can be at risk for a serious injury for you and other people. Additionally, planking can make you look silly to other people because they do not know what you are doing, and they can possibly freak out over you. Planking can also cause hazards when you are in a public building because it might put people at risk if there is a fire. If you plank, you don’t know what could happen to you and others. Schools and towns around the country should enforce a law to prevent dangerous planking from happening. Teenagers have to understand that planking can be a very dangerous thing to do!

The author's comments:
Over the summer of 2011, me and a few of my friends decided to go planking at a local park. No one got hurt, but I decided to think about what can happen from planking, although it is rare to see someone get hurt from planking. It can happen!

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