Another Twitter Fight Breaks Out

May 5, 2012
By Anonymous

Yet another Twitter verses Facebook fight has broken out on the popular Twitter webpage, the third such fight in the last week. Twitter verses Facebook fights are fueled by both Facebook and Twitter users who believe the site they use is better than the other. Facebook users create their own Twitter accounts in order to argue their preference with Twitter users via tweets. These users are usually teenager determined to fight for what they believe in and stand up for what they think is right.
Authorities are concerned that though these fights are currently only viral, they can lead to physical and emotional harm to both Facebook and Twitter users in the future.

With topics such as #Fbfrvr and #Twitter>>>Fb trending on Twitter, many worry that such fights can be very destructive to the ones health. Disagreements that break out on Twitter are known to frequently be retweeted and favorite-ed, causing many students to lose time and sleep trying to keep up with twitter fights.

Accounts holders @taytayforrealz and @dontmessw/me are commonly known to engage in such twitter fights.
@taytayforrealz tweeted yesterday “Facebook focuses only on the appearance of someone but Twitter looks deep into people’s soul and thoughts. Like one of my favorite song lyrics say, ‘Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so…’” @taytayforrealz’s tweet was then cut off because it exceeded 140 characters.

Parents of account holder @dontmessw/me see the effect these fights have on their daughter. “We noticed she was constantly tired and did not want to engage in physical activities but we did not know how to shift her focus away from the never ending battle between Facebook and Twitter” said @dontmessw/me’s parents who ended up having to enroll their daughter into a rehab center in order to bring her back to full health.

Though some refuse to acknowledge the dangers of these Facebook and Twitter fights, they pose a real threat to the health of teenagers in America, not only physically but mentally.
Some users have become so emotionally attached to their belief that they start to lose interest in other activities.
“Many times such fights over popular webpages can lead to confused feelings for teenagers” says Natalie Fert, an expert on teenage addictions and Facebook propaganda. “Teenagers can be conflicted about which website to use and will eventually come to a place where they will have to pick between their friends - should they stay loyal to Facebook and post pictures and statuses or should they tweet? It can be very emotionally and physically draining for these kids”

Natalie Fert and other specialist in this topic believe this emotional attachment to Facebook and Twitter can be compared to the patriotism some feel for their countries; an undying urge to defend their country, or in their case their website.
Mark Zuckerevil, 19, an avid Twitter user disagrees that this is the motive behind the Facebook and Twitter fights and claims his goal is to educate internet users. He states: “It is hard for many Facebook users to accept the advantages of Twitter over their own site. I advocate for Twitter because I want my friends to do something new and more productive with their lives. Twitter is more than a social networking site, it is a way of life”

The tension between Facebook and Twitter is not only experienced on Twitter but also on Facebook and high schools nationwide. There, the effects of the power struggle affect the social atmosphere more than the teenagers’ physical and emotional well-being.

Facebook users struggle to show their loyalty to Facebook without engaging in twitter fights. According to a study done by the University of Cambridge, 73% of Facebook users have reported that they are too scared to use hashtags on their Facebook accounts out of fear of being exiled by other users. The other 27% who use hashtags on their Facebook accounts have less than 200 Facebook friends and are over the age of 40.
Similarly, schools’ social scenes have also been effect by this tension. Many deem that the fight between Twitter and Facebook may soon exceed that of Edward and Jacob in terms of fan dedication. Teenagers across the nation are sporting either Team Twitter or Team Facebook shirts to show their support for a certain site. These shirts cause a separation of students in the school environment as they refuse to socialize with peers sporting opposing attire.

Authorities hope that peace will soon be restored to Facebook and Twitter. Many user and advocators for Facebook and Twitter say they will not stop fighting until a social networking site winner is finally determined. For many of us, we can only hope the end of this fight will once again lead to peace and safety of our children.
The Associated Press

The author's comments:
This piece is meant to be a satirical article about the Facebook verses Twitter fights many teenagers either listen to or have participated in themselves.

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