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April 9, 2012
By AnimeLover619 SILVER, San Diego, California
AnimeLover619 SILVER, San Diego, California
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Personally, animanga (a word combination of anime and manga) are my life. Without it, my life would dissolve. I have a couple friends that love animanga, yet I find that the general public sees it as a joke and fake. People see anime and automatically think things like ninja jutsus, demons with swords, or alien warriors with a power level of over nine thousand, but it actually is a lot bigger than just that. Like every other source of entertainment, anime provides a number of different genres and themes. So just thinking that anime are just these unrealistic, super power ninjas is a wrong assumption made by the general public. Digging deeper, although the visuals are animated, it still provides a lot of realistic problems. I find that there are many animes that are more realistic and relatable than reality television shows such as Jersey Shore. I also find that there is still good entertainment value in animes; One can get just as much, if not better, of a supernatural romance in Vampire Knight than they can in the Twilight series. Even America has picked up some animes and dubbed them such as Dragonball Z and Case Closed (known as Detective Conan in Japan). But America is only picking up a small part of all anime. If you look at America, indeed we have cartoons, which many may consider anime since they are animated, but there is a big difference between a cartoon such as Tom & Jerry or Adventure Time with Finn & Jake and an anime such as Naruto or Avatar: the Last Airbender. A cartoon is one of pure entertainment; it does not have a plot line or major character development. Cartoons use humor aimed at its intended audience as its entertainment tool. Anime on the other hand is the opposite, while it may use humor, there is a plot and development. “Cartoons are like joke books while animes are regular novels.” So when people just go and insult anime with words such as fake, unrealistic, or stupid, they are merely making assumptions and not taking a deeper look into it. Much like books, certain animes will correspond with certain people’s tastes. So I ask that you take the chance to find that anime, and once you do, if you still want to insult it, it would be understandable. But I have total confidence that you would feel satisfied and look into the many other similar animes as the one you have found. Like the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

The author's comments:
Well this is for my honors requirement in school. But I took that chance to write about something that I have been seeing a lot these days.

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Carson3478 said...
on Feb. 18 2013 at 12:38 pm
Wow. Honestly I wish my friends could see anime the way you do. I love anime but most of my friends don't. I think you've made an amazing point here and I agree with you. Thank you for posting this it has really opened my eyes to a few things I didn't understand or care to understand before. Have a good life.

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