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April 4, 2012
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I have always wondered why people change after they have their hair colored. I didn’t think that my hair color had anything to do with how I feel or act. Famous hair stylist Rona O'Connor says,” I love how changing someone's hair color can transform her attitude, not just the way she looks.” The first time reading this, I didn’t believe her. How is it possible to change someone's attitude by putting some dye in her hair? Now, after also reading a recent article, The Connection Between Hair Color and Personality, by a magazine journalist; I realized that this is so true. Just by changing a person’s hair they can totally transform. Becomegorgeous, a Hollywood style magazine, states that each one has its own set of traits. Changing someones hair color can positively change how they feel and how they act; so why don’t more people do it?

People who change their hair color usually experience a change emotionally. According to many bloggers from a series of websites, they felt instantly happier. One in particular is named “Sprinkle of Ginger”. Ella Morton, the author, is a highly talented writer and actress who has recently dyed her hair. She says ,”Every time I pass a mirror I would have to do a double take but then I would be washed over with a new feeling.” Feelings are powerful and can sometimes change someone's whole life style. Women who have dyed their hair tend to feel happier about themselves. A new look seems to bring on a whole new set of opinions about oneself. Most women who are dying their hair are looking for a change. In a recent study done by specialists, they have found that each color has its own personality. Redheads are fiery, brunettes are responsible, blondes are very outgoing, and black haired people are very down to Earth. These characteristics are seen in most people with these hair colors. There have been numerous studies done on how our natural hair is reflected in our personalities but now specialists have seen that these same traits show up in people who have gotten their hair dyed these colors. After someone gets their hair done they also feel very different in their physical appearance.

People almost always feel better about their outward appearance after they get their hair dyed; unless a person did not end up with the right color or look and are not happy with it. Most see themselves better and are content. They feel stronger and more confident also. When we feel more confident our lives seem to be better because we can take on anything. It is also said that women are especially are more confident in their bodies and are always in a uplifted mood. It seems funny to have this much change in someone's life just from dying their hair, but this also changes their actions too.

After a woman gets her hair done, she can act very differently. “Usually the first signs are in the workfield. If one particular person got their hair turned to blonde they are more likely to ask someone out on a date or even broach the topic of a pay raise with their boss,” says a team of experts linked to Nottingham Trent University, led by Dr. Mark Sergeant. They also say that these people are more active, especially around the home. They are more motivated to do get outside and do yard work. I know that if I had my hair colored differently, I would want people to see it! This is also one of the other reasons why people with a new hair color are more likely to hang out with friends. They are more willing to go and meet people to get that person's opinion on their new look. Women who recently got their hair done, are more likely to go on vacations too because they feel more energetic.
Usually it’s the blondes who are more of the adventure seekers. If we look and feel better about ourselves then we are more apt to trying new things. This is a spectrum from trying a new toothpaste, to bungee jumping off a bridge. The effects are very different for each person but usually they will be up for going on adventures. People with newly dyed hair are also more likely to go on more vacations. They usually feel an urge to do something out of the blue because they are so used to the same old, same old. There are many people who I know who have wanted to go on vacations just because they feel like it. So if coloring our hair can make us positively feel and act differently, why don’t more people do it?

A lot of us are stuck in our same routine. Not many want a change in scenery, we get sucked into life and live on as though we can’t get out. Changing something that big would sound like craziness to some. With a new hair color a person would stand out more; people may judge others about their new look, or some may not like it too much, but that’s their problem. People tend to start to blend into the people who surround them day after day. Dyeing your hair would be a permanent stand out solution to this problem. So if I’m bored with how life carries on without me, should I go out and completely change my hair?

Maybe I want something new. Maybe I am sick of the way I look, and maybe others are too. Is dyeing my hair the best way to do it? Hair dyeing kits are a cheap way to transform someone’s look. It can get very expensive to buy a whole new wardrobe, and after the clothes are worn once they cannot be returned. On the other hand, when someone gets their hair dyed they can just change it back whenever they feel the need. I agree, along with Ella Morton, that if a person craves more attention, and wants to get noticed that they should probably change how they look. It’s proven that people also feel more attractive and better about their body after dyeing their hair.
Hair color can alter people’s feeling and actions positively, yet so few people actually do it. People who have changed their hair are more confident, proud, and feel more uplifted. When I first recognized that different hair colors result in a different personalities I was amazed. Now, I am very confident that just changing someone’s hair color can change their whole outlook and attitude about life. From famous hairdressers to the common day bloggers, they all agree that hair color has a major effect on our personalities.

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