Dogs not Dolls!

March 20, 2012
By HR2507 GOLD, Maple Ridge, Other
HR2507 GOLD, Maple Ridge, Other
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Remember being six years old? Remember your mother picking out the one outfit you despised? You know the one I mean; the shirt with the hideous gaudy pattern and gigantic ruffles that irritated your skin. The stiff trousers that no matter how you sat, were uncomfortable. Not to mention the puffy oversized coats that rustled with the slightest movement. Yet the experience of feeling the misery and embarrassment of wearing such ridiculous outfits has not deterred people from inflicting this torture onto others. But it is not only children in these modern times that are forced into ‘cute’ outfits. Someone decided to experiment on their pet and BOOM! Suddenly pet clothing has swept across the country.
This ludicrous idea of ‘fashion’ for pets is bordering on the point of animal cruelty. Outfits are often constricting on the animals and disable their normal movement range. Some outfits even prevent normal sight for the animal. An animal thrown into this situation without having any control is likely to experience stress and anxiety, which could seriously damage the health and well being of the animal.
What is most disturbing is the number of shops that have jumped on board this latest craze. Many pet stores already had a range of dog wear designed for protection against the elements. However there are an increasing number of clothing items that have no benefits to the animal whatsoever; they are simply for mans selfish pleasure. Shockingly, it doesn’t stop at dog clothing. Clothes have been made for smaller pets such as cats and even guinea pigs! Shops have obviously dropped all of their morals to cash in on this booming market sector. Prices are soaring and pathetic people pay anything up to $150 for a small dog jacket!
Clearly anyone who enjoys ‘pimping’ up their animal has the same mental capabilities as Paris Hilton. Her dog, a Chihuahua named Tinkerbelle, is rarely seen without sporting the latest wacky costumes. The public’s obsession with celebrity culture has helped fuel the pet fashion trend. From diamond jewellery to frilly dresses, it seems people are willing to put anything on their animals to receive attention from others.
What started out as innocent clothing designed to protect dogs from the cold and rain has branched out into the extensive range of tacky costumes seen today. Would you wake up on a sunny morning and decide ‘ Yes! Perfect weather for my batman cape and pigs ears’? Well, apart from the few exceptions, most sane people would dare not walk out in public in a penguin costume. Why then should our cherished pets be treated any differently? The costumes are embarrassing, impractical and a complete waste of money! They are also a danger to your pet’s health. So if you enjoy burning money, having people laugh behind you back and are attempting to turn your own pet against you; keep buying all these wonderful outfits. The rest of us, I hope, will help end this crazy trend. After all, money can’t buy you dog love.

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I love animals...but this is not how you should show it

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