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February 20, 2012
It is very hard for us to accept ourselves, although it is very easy to accept others. Dr.Bob Rotella in Barbara Waite’s article introduces this by saying self-acceptance is loving yourself win or lose. Loving ourselves when others don’t, and loving ourselves unconditionally. But these days it can be so hard to truly love ourselves when if the closest ones we love don’t accept us. Or we are alone. See it’s hard for people to really accept themselves when society already gives us an image, an image we should look up to and become what THEY think and call “the perfect person.”

We are not perfect, Dr.Steven explains that we all do things that are dysfunctional to our own and others health and happiness. We are all only human and have many limits to our knowledge, skills, and resources. We may not be able to live up to someone else's standards or be as talented, or creative, or have all their abilities. That's okay! We are all different and there will never be another person exactly like us. You. Some just have greatness thrust-ed upon them while others do not. Maybe some are better leaders and as much as we should look up to them and be proud. Proud of our country, city, state, and community it seems hard to grasp that just because we may not be seen as great or amazing in societies eyes....WE ARE! And we can be!

If we do not accept ourselves we might not respect ourselves. Turning to bad thoughts, using drugs or alcohol to heal the pain we feel. Those are bad ways around the truth of who we really are and loving ourselves, no matter who brings us down. Reading, the Dove Foundation tells us all your life you’ve been a receptacle of the ideas, the beliefs, the expectations and mores of others. In reality, you’ve never been without that. Who would we be if we didn't have those things? It helps us build our character, but up until a certain point.

Also the Dove Foundation says now is the time for you to stop, and cancel out all the previous incantations. From this point on, stop accepting the constant bombardment of who, what, and where you're supposed to be. Take a good look at whom you have tried to please. Let go of all the negative comments, the insults, your conscious telling you and wishing you were more like them and accept you for you, that is the first step then build on from there. The Dove Foundation tries to help us by explaining steps we should take in order to succeed in accepting ourselves saying Second step is going to take a lot of patience and awareness not to repeat the patterns of accepting others perceptions of yourself. And third step, is affirming, standing and affirming, I am perfect just as I am.

We want to humble ourselves and tell others we are not that smart or that beautiful or that talented, but we really should be honest with ourselves and know in our hearts we are all of these things and more! We must get societies idea of a perfect person out of our heads. Then we will stand tall and be stronger than ever.

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Jade_Poetry said...
Mar. 17, 2012 at 7:15 am

This is so good. Me as a teen ager I am too struggleing with myself. I know who I am but no one else will accept it. Theres a very good song by Linkin Park callled numb "Im trying to be more like me, and less like you" I think that is what people hate when your not like everything else of how they picture you to be


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