Bad Drivers

March 1, 2012
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Bad drivers, they’re everywhere. And they always seem show up when you need to be somewhere. Late for that important meeting? You’ll run into at least one bad driver. They’re there when you try to merge or when you need to go just a little bit faster. Whether it be the old lady, with her squinting, wrinkled eyes trying to figure out if she is on the road or the sidewalk. Or maybe it’s the young lady, eyes glued to the little rectangular treasure in her manicured hands. You might even spot the young man trying to fit an entire Big Mac in his mouth while also trying to sip from the 40oz Coke cup.
But no matter the distraction, they all are focused on making your drive all that much more irritating and long. They turn a trip that should take ten minutes, into an ordeal that takes twenty. People say road rage is extreme; obviously they’ve never driven in the middle of rush hour.
But, the worst offenders of them all are the brake riders. You know what I’m talking about, the people that drive with one foot on the gas and the other clinging to the brake. Whether are going up a hill or down, those murderous crimson colored eyes, stuck to the rear end of a gas guzzling Oldsmobile, are flickering on and off. Every time you speed up a little bit, thinking that maybe, just maybe you’ll never have to see their shine again, BAM! There they are. And this time they’re even brighter and they stick around even longer.
But eventually you’ll make it to your destined location, and you’ll get on with your day, forgetting all about the hassles of the morning drive, w ell at least you will, until you walk outside and see that a bad driver has double parked and blocked you in. You’ll sit there feeding the meter more and more of your money until the bad driver comes and leaves. You hop in your car, put it in drive and race after the horrible person that had the nerve to block you in. And as you chase him down your stomach rumbles reminding you that you missed lunch, so you reach over for that left over Big Mac sitting on the passenger seat and shove it in your mouth, then reach for that cherry flavored coke, and all the while thinking about how annoying bad drivers really are.

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