Facebook And The Internet

February 10, 2012
By OrenK PLATINUM, Flushing, New York
OrenK PLATINUM, Flushing, New York
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Over the last couple of decades, Technology has rapidly expanded in our society. Some of these advances are indeed, positive, but most of them cause this society to tread and lose focus. Social networking such as Facebook or Tumblr have become a major impact on teens. Google has become a main source of resourceful information. But how good is all of this? The internet and its numerous abilities?
Facebook has been around for quite some time now. People like myself quit it after a while. Some people have had it since its birth. Some people never got one and some just got it now. It has it's positives, but boy does it have its negatives. Facebook is a social networking website that allows endless varieties of interavtion. But does this allow you to become "social"? I say "NO". Staying at home and talking from a screen does not do any justice to socializing. Much like cell phones with texting. Their are people who pray that you don't have productive youths just so that the next generation has a weak foundation. A weak foundation for us allows them to keep the power they have. Do not abuse the internet. Google is the imperialistic nation of search engineering, It contains so much information that you have the worlds secrets in your hands. Reading books was a better way to gain the knowledge you desired. Going to the library is no bad thing. WHat are you kids scared of? Being called losrs for going to the library?! You shall only be free if you live under no influences other than your own.
The internet and cell phones have reduced the ability for teens to have creative thought process. After all, if you have a machine doing your work for you, you really expect to have creativity? I do not know to much people in my school that have a driving thirst for knowledge even! I mean the knowledge taught in school is pretty useless, but the teens don't even want to try and find their own path of knowledge. The internet does, believe it or not, play a significant role in this act of unwillingness.
Use the internet to protest for what you feel is right, I know I am :). Use it to keep in touch with distant friends or relatives as well. Just do not abuse the internet, for it will abuse your will to submit effort into your life's agendas.

The author's comments:
Just my feelings towards something that I feel is a social injustice to the people trying to make a difference, but are unaware of being so preoccupied with technology, it devours their time to LIVE YOUR LIFE!

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