February 15, 2012
By Jazzy2194 BRONZE, Fort Dodge, Iowa
Jazzy2194 BRONZE, Fort Dodge, Iowa
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Finishing a project, getting to school, or turning in your schedule for work involves a deadline and waiting the last minute is what I tend to do. I wouldn’t say I procrastinate a lot, but I do it enough to regret it. Procrastinating is a hard trait to get away from once you’ve started. Many times the plan is to get the project or schedule in before the deadline, but things get in the way and then there is a very small amount of time to finish it.

A big problem for me is getting a project started and not waiting the last minute to do it. I always tell myself I have time on the weekend to start the project, or, it shouldn’t take that long, I don’t need to start today. Then I find out I only have a few days to finish and I get frustrated because I’m running out of time. I found out for me,to start a project, I write project down everyday in my planner so I get annoyed and just finish the project in order to not have to write project down everyday in my planner.

Getting to school is another problem for me. Living two minutes away from school definitely makes you procrastinate. The normal time for me to get up is 7:10 and when I’m really tired, it goes from 7:10 to 7:25. When that doesn’t happen, the next time I check, it’s 7:50 and I haven’t even gotten dressed yet. Even when I do get up on time I procrastinate because I have so much time to get ready and I’m not being rushed, so I take a long time to get ready and pretty soon it’s 8:00. I have only about nine minutes to get ready. My heart races because I am never late for school. Procrastinating can sometimes make me nervous.

Another deadline for me is my work schedule at a pizzeria , and if you don’t turn your schedule in two weeks before the day of you being gone, they will put you in the schedule. What I tend to do is write out the schedule for a whole month and turn it in, then forget to turn in next months schedule, so then they put me down to work when I can’t. When this happens I have to call someone to work for me and it’s usually hard to find someone because my job doesn’t have many others who have this job so if they are all busy, I’m going to have to work. That’s why it’s good to get your schedule in on time and not procrastinate.

Procrastinating is not a good thing to do. Procrastinating causes people to worry and not get things done when they want them to be done. Whether it’s getting up and being ready in the morning, finishing a project, or turning in a schedule. It’s always nice to be prepared and get things done on time.

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