The Most Natural State

January 8, 2012
By maggiel13 BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
maggiel13 BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Sometimes, I wonder what different people look like without make up. Not the supposed "no makeup" photos they post on Facebook to see how many likes they can get, but the truest, purest form of a person's face there can be. To be able to see this form of a person requires doing the unthinkable for most- wearing no makeup for not just a few hours but a few days. Since the majority of high school girls are sealed over by a layer of artificiality, they wouldn't dare to expose themselves in such a way that it could change the way people view them. When you see girls walking down the hallway and you think, "Gosh, she's so pretty; I wish I looked like her," stop. Think about what she looks like and the amount of "imperfections" she tries to conceal with makeup. If you see loads of glittery or dark eye shadow and gloss-covered lips, then she is proving to others just how insecure of herself she is. If it looks like you can peel off the face she put on this morning, that isn't beauty. True beauty is hard to find. If that gorgeous girl walking down the hallway doesn't have dark scars of yesterday's eyeliner under today's pile, that is true beauty. Radiating confidence makes her realize that makeup can't change anything, it just hides it. Once you realize this, the layers of makeup will melt away to the most natural state, and that is truly beautiful.

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KeyofG BRONZE said...
on Feb. 20 2012 at 10:36 pm
KeyofG BRONZE, Duvall, Washington
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I do mostly agree with this, but I have to say that only wearing too much makeup is bad. Of course, yes, makeup is terrible for your skin, so it's not reasonable to wear it all the time--but you can't get rid of the fact that it's sometimes nice to feel fabulous on special occasion. It's only a different kind of look you're trying to achieve at those times--I don't think it's trying to imply that that look, with the makeup, is better than the natural appearance, but rather that that it's just a different kind of look. I found it sort of annoying the way you made makeup in general seem so immensely wrong. Only the way some people use it, and believe that it's a necessity, is that bad.

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