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December 14, 2011
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Throughout playing the game, football can teach and show useful life lesson. When people hear football player they might think of a big tough, strong guy who fan be full of himself. Sure that can be the case sometimes but people don't know what we learn and think about as football players. Yea, we learn how to play and get good at it but this sport requires the most teamwork out of any sport in my opinion.
For a team to win it takes every single player on that team to act and play as one. All it takes is one person to make the smallest mistake to determine the winer or the champion. Coaches always say we are family and we should have one heartbeat. You spend a lot of time with your team. You have good times and bat but all in the end we consider eachother family.
When you play over the years, you dont only get better at the game, you learn news lessons that apply to life and to you. The first year you play, your probably a child or still in elementary school. But in those first couple years you play, you learn discipline, respect, and responsibility. It is the first couple days when everyone learns respect, and to alwasys respect the coaches. It is usually within the first couple of practices when a player says a smart remark to a coach. and then fifteen minutes later everyone is on the ground gasping for air because of all of the sprints or suicides. then everyone knows the consequences of not showing your respect.
After those first one or two years comes middle or high school. and thats when you can actually understand some of the lessons that the sport teaches. during your freshman year you quickly learn to respect everyone that is older and you understand that you are at the bottom of the totem pole. during your sophomore year is when you learn that eceryone yuou spend those contless hours with is your family. this is when you know most of the people on the team and start playing as one or with one heartbeat. sure you loose here and theree and you learn from your mistakes you make as a team.
then comes your senior year in high school. you have been playing with the same people for four years now. and you know what to expect out of each other and as a team. this is the reason any varsity sport plays good as a team. you could have a team thaty doesnt play well together and hae two or theree suoperstars. but for a team to be succseful you need to play together and as one hearbeat.I believe that football is one of the most valuable sports that you can learn life lessons from.

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