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November 5, 2011
By muna.najihah PLATINUM, Malacca, Other
muna.najihah PLATINUM, Malacca, Other
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As the word 'teenagers' are mentioned, we will think that it is the most joyous part of our lives. It is true and cannot be denied. However, some of us, teenagers, never have a great moment during high school. Some may have peer problems or probably some stress. Basically teenager’s life in high school is like a self survival in the Amazon forest.

The teenagers in high school usually scared of the first day of school because it is that day that will decide your life throughout high school for the upcoming five years. It is whether you will be famous or anonymous, bullied or praised and happy or stressful. This sort of things is familiar to most teenagers. According to that, teenagers love to take their stress away through eating sweets or heavy food, exercises, meditation and forcing ourselves to laugh. You may wonder why laughing is included. Laughing has been the best medicine for stress overtime. Scientifically, when we laugh or scream, alpha waves from our brain is released, hence relieving our minds free of stress. Don’t you think it is somehow familiar? It’s true; ‘Monster.inc.’ by Disney also uses this concept.

Some of the huge problems with teenagers nowadays are how they handle their social life, social bonding with opposite sex, their health and achievements. I’ll pick one of these topics. Guess health do matters. So I’ll talk about it. Teenagers and health are strongly related. The most famous health problems among teenagers are obesity and diabetes. Teenagers in this era have cause a great deal of concern towards the Ministry of Health of Malaysia as the number of student who are obese is increasing at a fast rate. If these obese students are active and have a healthy routine, the obesity would not give such a huge impact on them. However, for those who are not active and only serve as a bench warmer is the group which have the most concern. They will surprise with their self when every once in awhile they will have a hard time breathing, legs which always cramping and easily catches cold or any other disease. Once you get fat and not having a healthy routine, your antibodies will get weaker.

The obese usually tried to maintain a balance diet to lower their weight. But they never consider their small amount of snack during leisure time or watching television. These little things usually are the cause of obese. Do you know that one cheeseburger takes one hour of simple exercise to burn all of its calories? We should always try to avoid late night snacks, chicken more than once a day, sweets, ice-cream and too much intake of fats or oil in food.

If you usually cook chicken and fish by frying, why don’t you try steaming it? The taste is not such a big difference and it is beneficial for you as it lowers your oil or fats intake. Next try to make eating fruit or vegetables, especially apple and broccoli as a habit. It will make our digestive system cleared. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. You can also take a tablespoon of honey per day for a clean digestive system and to avoid constipation. Honey actually cleans our intestine. There is an old tip from way back when. If you drink a glass of water mixed with honey and cinnamon powder, you will get thinner.

Besides that you can always try to exercise. Do you what is the best form of exercise to lose huge amount of weight? Let me tell you then. It is by skipping rope. Rumor have it that if you skip for 3 hours in a day for 3 months, you will able to loss 30 kg. By the way, do not ever forget that jogging is also a good form of exercise because when you jog, all your body parts moves. It is the same with skipping. If you don’t have much time to exercise because you are always busy, try some jumping jacks, hasten the pace of your walking, try to take stairs instead of elevator and squat. Exercise has always been the best remedy for obese to be normal weight again and to avoid from easily being sick.

Psychologically, parents needs to always support their children and encourage them to have a healthy routine and life. This motivation will lead the students to care about their health. To lose weight, it needs a strong will and determination plus a set goal for students who are obese to pursuit. How to develop this so called iron will? It is for us to achieve by ourselves.

I didn’t mean that being fat is bad thing because I am quite big myself. But don’t we always have desire to wear cute clothes but they didn’t come in our size, have to squeeze into clothes, not having a wide choices for wardrobe, shoes that is so stylish but too small to fit our feet and for best dress or clothes, it need be tailored. These experiences have always been nightmare for obese and make them sad just by thinking about it. Besides that, their confidence level will be easily compromise except for those who have always been optimistic with everything.

Everyone in this world wants to look their best. No one wants to look ugly. Big people also looks good in certain clothes if you get the proportion correct such as Queen Latifah has always look her best on red carpet at US. Basically teenagers need to be healthy and develop a healthy routine to avoid any problems. For those who is fat, it is important and to just simply stay active to avoid any effects. Who will love ourselves the most if it is not us. Won’t you agree?

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well something i was suppose to talk about in coffee talk

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on Nov. 18 2011 at 5:41 am
muna.najihah PLATINUM, Malacca, Other
25 articles 14 photos 26 comments

Favorite Quote:
if life was given two choices, to become a writer or a character, I will choose to become a writer.
I have the power to decide what my life should be.



on Nov. 16 2011 at 9:38 pm
mattisonteeter GOLD, Los Angeles, California
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I loooved this. It has such a great message!

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