Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi-Cola

November 3, 2011
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Coca-Cola or Pepsi; the classic case of who is better. In my opinion the only possible winner is Coca-Cola. And that it is affiliated with Dr. Pepper. Coca-Cola even has an old rumor “It was once made with real cocaine.” The rumor was denied but does Pepsi have a rumor like that, I think not. That is already a reason why Coke has the upper hand to Pepsi.

A reason why Coca-Cola is on top of Pepsi is because they have more variety. Coca-Cola has more flavors like: Cherry Coke, Diet Vanilla Coke, Coke Zero, and Diet Caffeine Free Coke. Those are just some of Coca-Cola’s many flavors. Coca-Cola also has the known brand of sodas; Sprite opposed to Sierra Mist and Coca-Cola opposed to Pepsi. Coke is also made with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages for the older crowd to enjoy.

Coca-Cola also has an ameliorated company so that it can come out ahead of Pepsi. Coca-Cola has an older company which gave them more time for trial and error. That is why Coca-Cola has a greater quality of soda. Coca-Cola has great prices like $3.95 for a 12 pack and Pepsi has it for $4.49. Coke has also changed the shape of their bottle because they wanted something new while Pepsi is the same old same old.

The last and most important reason is that Coca-Cola is affiliated with Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper’s 23 flavors have 22 more than any of Pepsi’s sodas. It is also made with prune juice so it could be somewhat healthy. Dr. Pepper can also be made with ice-cream, much like a Root Beer Float. It can even be mixed with some alcohol again for the adults. That is why Dr. Pepper is the greatest drink ever invented.

That is why Coca-Cola will come out on top of Pepsi every time. I love Coca-Cola.

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