What, Trend Setting?

November 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Something we may subconsciously do has an immense effect on our lives; Trend setting has become a major part of our society with extreme effects on our lifestyles, emotions, and health habits. In our society, it is very easy to conform to ways of the popular, rich, and our friends.

Trends really do affect our lifestyles; we may not know it, but it’s true. Anywhere from our living room décor or how we chose our school supplies. It seems to me we all must all have what other people have. Well at least from afar that’s what I’ve noticed. What if just for one year we were secluded from one another. Still able to communicate, but not able to see each others clothes, cell phones, make-up, hair, food or music. I’d do it just to see the effect.

Trend setting, believe it or not, takes a toll on our emotions. Girls cause drama, caused by jealousy. Ridiculous I know. Where does some of this jealousy come from? Trend setting. I would know because I’ve recently experienced it. The constant need to have something that someone else has to fit in and feel normal will cause your emotions to go bonkers and maybe a little out of control ( I didn’t, but it could happen). Popularity is caused by trend setting also causing jealousy. I hate jealousy.

You wouldn’t think trend setting had anything to do with our health habits but oh, it does; For example, McDonalds, HUGE food trend, especially for kids. The useless toys that come in “kid’s meals” are simple yet enticing trend setters for kids. I would know, I went through that phase of childhood. This trend isn’t just for kids. Adults take on this trend as well. Guys wanting to know about the latest opening of the latest bar or the ladies wanting to about the newest coffee shops. Whether it be fast food or a sit-down restaurant, for those who care will set a trend.

As you can see, trend setting effects our lives tremendously. It’s one of those situations where we never really stop and think and evaluate the trend occurring that is being set. Trend setting has come to a point of extreme measures with lifestyles, emotions, and health habits. We must learn to control it and ourselves.

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