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October 25, 2011
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Fads can range from diets to clothes to accessories to the type of notebook a person uses. Some fads have long-lasting effects, others do not. Some fads have positive effects, while yet again others do not have a similarly uplifting impact on people. Over the past few years the brand Vera Bradley has begun to take over the American industry of high-end accessories, and it has turned into the newest and trendiest of our current fads. Now a day, women of all ages, from to ten to ninety, have Vera Bradley everything, including backpacks, pencil cases, planners, notebooks, purses and even flip-flops and more. Even though I myself am guilty of owning three purses, two backpacks, a coin purse, a pencil case, a lanyard and flip-flops from her collections, I know that this fad is making so many people superficial and materialistic. When one owns that much of one thing, it begins to become more than just her liking the design. At that point this obsession has become a longing to fit in with everyone else at any cost. It has become too important to have Vera Bradley anything, that our society is being negatively affected by its repercussions.

The superficiality that has stemmed from this rapidly growing trend has begun to affect day to day life of everyone. Owning Vera Bradley accessories has become an iconic symbol of the person’s status, personality, lifestyle and so much more than that. It is what ultimately says that she is a popular, social, well-off individual and other personality traits that we associate as more desirable characteristics. Showing off one’s accessories has become more important to girls in America than allowing someone else to see her inner beauty, intelligence and kindness. People have seemed to have developed a shallower persona because of these all important fads that only makes someone seem outwardly cool.

Designer anything is not cheap, and Vera Bradley is no exception. Unless someone is going down to the outlet store and getting the accessories on there while a sale is going on simultaneously, then she is not paying a very fair price. It has come to the point where women are throwing their money away on overpriced handbags and lanyards. Usually their small backpacks are eighty-eight dollars. Any other backpack of the same size is about thirty. Luckily, people can buy Vera Bradley for a more normal and fair price because I have, but the real question then is, why do they not go to the outlet during sale time? The only possible answer is that they want to fit in, and if that means going right away to buy a more expensive thing, than she will do it.

It is okay to like and buy designer things, including Vera Bradley, but when it becomes an obsession to be popular, than something is really wrong with our society. This fad, like many, shows how the people of the world have a strong desire to fit in, no matter the consequences.

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HisPurePrincess This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 30, 2011 at 10:47 am
This is why you have awesome Grandparents.  but seriously, I agree.  I like to imagine that if I ever became and actress(ha!) I wouldn't fall into the spending hole.  It's like, freaky that people would spend $600 on a pair of boots that they could get for $40.  
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