How I Feel About the Decline of Reading

September 28, 2011
I'm the type of person who would rather read the book than watch the movie. Books provide a more in-depth account of what happened. They require you to pay closer attention to what is going on. You can put a book down and pick it up whenever you want. Reading allows you to escape your own world for a little while and enter into another one. People of all ages should be encouraged to read, so that they too, can experience the enjoyment of reading.

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KelliB said...
Oct. 4, 2011 at 11:52 am
How true this is!!!!!! The decline in reading is an epidemic that will eventually change our society and nation from a developed, respected  country into the laughing stock of the world. Our literacy rates continue to plunge while youtube videos hit 3 million views, Redbox brings in hundreds of thousands, and the movie theatres rip us off. This is the kind of problem Obama should be working towards fixing. Not more industrialization so we can give kindergarteners an iPad to doodle on, not a... (more »)
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