The cyber society dynamics

July 15, 2011
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Well, this mostly applies to those for whom the internet is merely social networking. Even though we all use it for a myriad other things. What intrigues me the most is that the internet has an uncanny resemblance with the Earth. Am I crazy ? Well, my tenure in a mental asylum is reserved for when I turn 99 but trust me, there is an idea here. It’s like a little world inside our head, all of our heads in fact, projected onto a screen.
Let me explain, starting it off by it’s creation. Now a lot of you might be beginning to develop their respective amount of scorn to what you are about to read but bear with me here, like I said above I think I might have a crazy idea popping up which, if providing nothing philosophical, would ensue in a little chuckle at the least. So here’s my idea, just as the Universe popped up in a highly debatable way, so did the internet. But unlike my argumentative counterpart, the internet was created not by a particular person, but as a combination of ideas that popped up at exactly the right moment. As if the entire thing was being played out by a seasoned Mortal Kombat player. Now thanks to that, at least we don’t a have a crazy cult worshipping it.
Secondly, the vastness. As much as we may like to brag about it, the Earth is still yet to be completely explored. Here it could even be likened to outer space. I’ll go a little off topic here to relieve you of tedium : During my years of study in my backyard, I have come across an interesting little anomaly. After two recorded millennia of existence, it is indeed correct that with all our efforts and brainpower, we, as humans have discovered and learned a lot from the nature around us. But there remains to persisting questions : 1. How does space work ? and 2. How do we work ? After all that we have discovered, we are yet to uncover the mysteries about ourselves and the universe. Two polar opposites - one being inside our minds and the other, far, far outside. And each of them are so intrinsically synchronised that they mutually enlarge as our knowledge about either increases. My point is, that the universe and our mind are mutually infinite. That the more we know about one of them, it becomes impossible to find out about the other. This happens so as if we know everything, that is if we reach a positive infinite value of our knowledge about the universe, the knowledge about our mind would become negatively infinite and vice versa.
Anyway, back to the article. Just like the world around us, even the internet has infinite potential depending on the extent of our knowledge and skill that is yet to be discovered.
Now if the above two arguments were boring, then I think you might enjoy this one, folks, trust me - Colonialization. If anything were to exist, say a rock. It is imperative that there would be one person, at one point of time, who will claim ownership of that rock. The internet, being as vast as the universe, is impossible to fully own. So modern ingenuity called for a different solution to this conundrum - have the internet, but a part of it. How significant that part can be depends upon on your popularity. And in order to be popular, you need people. In essence, what used to be ‘land’ in traditional colonialism, is now people. So what about the colonies ? They exist as social networking websites.
As a kid who just likes to incessantly dream about things, this is not the path I hoped civilization would follow. I expected wings by now, or at least flying cars, but they’re pretty pointless considering how we’ve all chosen to live inside a machine. Then of course, even the machine wouldn’t function properly because of the great war being waged between two colonies : Facebook and the newly sprung up Google+. These are examples of the more ambitious colonies that tries to take over the entire internet all for itself. As for me, instead of pledging allegiance to my colony, I’d rather go to the mystical ‘outside’.

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Alexanderlegend said...
Jul. 22, 2011 at 3:56 am
Sweeeet! Your writing style is captivating. 
gaffyninja This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Jul. 22, 2011 at 5:45 am
Thank you very much :)
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