School Uniforms

May 24, 2011
By wmyers BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
wmyers BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
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School uniforms are catching on all around the world for all aged schools, k-12. Most every school district has a set “dress code”, saying that students are prohibited from wearing inappropriate and revealing clothing. Although many schools are adopting school uniforms which are mandatory to all students. Each school has different reasons for their choice on school uniforms.

My middle school, which is public, had a school uniform demanding that each student where everyday to school. You had to wear a collard shirt, school colors, tucked in with a belt, and either khaki, navy, or black shorts or pants. They chose to do this to try and brighten up a school that had very low income students and the school was located in a rather poor area. There thought process on this was to try and recruit more students to attend the school. Other private schools have school uniforms to show how “proper and wealthy” they are. These schools believe that school uniforms show discipline in their students, which will help them to be successful adults.

My thoughts on school uniforms are that they are very useless. School uniforms are not going to keep students out of trouble or make them become successful. More than likely kids will rebel from the school uniforms and not go to that certain school at all. Another reason school uniforms are not a good choice is that the students would not be allowed to express themselves by their clothing. You can tell a lot about someone through their clothing. Also some students may not be able to afford nice clothing, just for school.

School uniforms are being used for different reasons, good or bad. I can say form experience that school uniforms do not help anything, if not they make matters worse.

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