It's the 70's Baby!

May 4, 2011
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Spring is in! Yes, we are all excited. The snow is gone (or melting), the leaves and flowers are blooming, the birds are singing but, what we really care about it the new designs. New designs, new standards, new form of unique and we are all buzzing about what to buy. As of me, I’m uber pumped for the new trends! 70’s are in, I know you’re thinking hippie, long draggy, looking clothes... but that’s not what to expect. Examples of the “latest trends” are actually chic and quite modern:

High Waisted Pants aka Bell Bottoms
Google(ing) these your thinking “Ew, no thanks.” However, truthfully matching these with a pair of silhouettes and a cute shirt, you got yourself an adorable outfit. Many “bell bottoms” are flared at the bottom, yet maybe “flared” is not your thing. Well, there is a simple solution, high waisted skinny jeans. Yes, they are gorgeous. Especially considering they make your legs tiny, your waist tiny, and your figure undeniably flattering.

Peasant Blouses and Colourful Sweaters
Beautiful, bright, shimmering colours are always in except there is a twist this year. These “Peasant Blouses” sound like tattered, torn, dull grey shirts, which is the opposite of exactly what they are. They are usually tight around the arm, with frilled trims, and very elegant.

Long Loose Flowing Dresses/ Skirts
Imagine walking on the beach, then picture yourself at a fabulous party, now picture yourself strutting down the runway. It does not matter where you are or what time of day it is, these long flowing dresses/skirts are perfect for everyday, considering you match the colours with the time of day and shirt or shoes you may be wearing. Now, the patterns are very bold, they contain flowers, animal prints, tie-dye, and most common geometric shape. So, girls if you’re going on a date or visiting the “parents/in-laws” this look is sweet and classy yet very comfortable.

Shoes for your Soul. Jesus Sandals aka Gladiators, Wooden Platforms, Espadrille Flats, and loafers.
Shoes for a girl’s soul; that’s true, for many fashion-estas. Many girls are not fan of high heels, whether it’s because they can’t walk in them to they’re not their thing to medical conditions but now, there are shoes they can look just as sexy in. First there are the famous Gladiators, or in my case “Jesus Sandals”, these babies are stylish and can be matched with any skinny jean to any dress (yes even a wedding dress!). Then there is the ever popular, well in the 70’s, Wooden Platforms they are perfect if you’re not into heels but still want the height. Espadrille flats are, obviously a type of flat, except they have a variety of 70’s colours and prints. Espadrille shoes are very comfortable and great for a quick yet fab look. Finally the everlasting loafers; this form of shoe is undeniably, extraordinary warm shoe, they contain varies styles that fit your personality and can make your style go from blah to tremendous within a step.
Now girls, styles are something that exists all around the world, everybody has a different personality yet, lately everybody has the same appearance. Express yourself, your beautiful! Don’t worry about fitting in, it doesn’t matter is your 6’3, wear heels! Who cares if you’re hair is blue, and you have blemishes. Honey, you are marvellous and don’t let anybody stop you from expressing your style. The 70’s are back, rock them, make the time you have this spring a fashionable yet different style-able one.

In addition, remember STAY BEAUTIFUL!

Milly xox

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