Clubs Effect on Teenagers

March 29, 2011
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As time passes the world and its inhabitants evolve. Teenagers begin to enjoy new forms of entertainment over the years. The activities that are associated with teenagers from the 1950’s can be compared to their age. Back in the day kids wanted to be kids. Teenagers of the past were a very rare breed. Today all parents worry about is if their kids will be ok when they go out. This happens even though there are more ways to contacts kids now than someone from fifty years ago could ever imagine. “We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back before it got dark. No one was able to reach us all day and no one minded” (Conhell 1). then again the things that kids did take part in the past could be seen as less dangerous. In the past the activities that teenagers would take part in could range from long lengths of time in front of the television to taking a drive around the neighborhood on a Sunday night with friends. Studies were taken by scientists in 1956 about how much kids from the ages of 10-16 watched television. “An average kid watched six hours of television a day which was equal to how long they went to school every day” (Molly 3). This was just one of the fads of this time period that teenagers took part in. there is no definite answer to why kids want to be treated older than they actually are. When people reach a certain age they begin to realize that they would do almost anything to be able to go back a few years in their life. Nightly rides with the family were a normal thing to do once cars became a more normal object to have. “It all began one day in 1948, shortly after World War II, when my dad drove into the driveway with what looked like a pointy-nosed airplane without wings. It was a Studebaker” (Her) No one ever said no to cruising around the town in a nice car. “Going for “rides” was a favorite thing…We always stopped at Rederer’s for a chocolate frosty malt or at A&W; near the ball park, for a cold mug of root beer” (Herrity 3). Today television and driving is still a very popular thing but the kids today want to take part in the activities that they see their elders taking part in. It has become more and more obvious that teenagers want to be treated like an adult and be able to take part in adult things. A more popular activity like Clubbing has rapidly taken over the teenage scene. Sitting at home watching television or taking a ride in a car with the family had plenty of positive effects on teenagers. When looked at closely, one can see that clubbing also has positive effects on teenagers. Years have passed and teenagers are looking for the new big thrill that they can take part in. With teen clubs popping up in many places like Connecticut the popularity is beginning to skyrocket. Simply stated, teenagers take part in the club nightlife in order to gain new experiences, feel independent and expand their social boundaries.

Teenagers are extremely picky when it comes to what they will choose for their excitement. This is why teenagers have chosen to go out and enjoy the positives of the club life. It provides plenty of excitement while keeping them in a great environment to learn and allow them to grow. When a teenager steps into the any teen club they will be surrounded by other people. Sophomore Ana said, “Going to these clubs is fun because they give you a chance to meet people your own age.” From this point until the night ends they will be mingling with others their age. In doing this they will perfect their ability to speak and have conversation with people who they recently have become acquaintances with. Their social boundaries will grow and thus allowing them to be comfortable around other people. Teenagers today experience very little in life. The most important time to do and see new things is at a younger age. The nightlife at a club allows teens to gain new experiences by socializing with their peers. Almost everything that happens inside a club will be a great story to tell years down the road. Another plus to being at clubs is that teens will learn how people act in situations that they experience. When a teenager sees someone trying to start problems with another person they will see the consequences and learn from that individual’s action. The club life has positive effects on a teenager’s life no matter how it’s looked at.

Teenagers today have become more likely to want to take part in the things that their elders do take part in. One specific pastime that teenagers have taken over is the club scene. Teenagers have taken part in this activity because of a few reasons. One that has stood out is that teenagers have become bored of just hanging out at a constant spot. When it comes to having a good time on the weekend or on a day off teenagers are always looking for the new thing to get involved in. they don’t want to be at the same place time and time again. This becomes extremely boring and frustrating for teens. As a young adult it is necessary for these teens to go out and experience new positive aspects of life. Going to a teen club with your friends is the one way that a teen is guaranteed to have a good time. When a teenager becomes too used to the same thing that they have been doing boredom comes into play. When this happens this feeling may take a negative turn. Teenagers may take up bad habits to pass the time, smoking, drinking, getting in trouble in their neighborhood etc. The Club scene for teenagers has many positive effects on teen while keeping them safe. At all parts of the night there are bouncers (security) personal keeping the scene safe and teenager friendly. And the fact that these environments are designed for the teen crowd to have a good time problems rarely arise in these establishments. The exiting environment keeps teenagers focused on having a good time and staying out of trouble. These clubs have proven to do just this and people are noticing it. "The response has been great, the kids love it. Parents are thankful that there's a classy, safe and respectful place for their kids to come and have fun” (Valentino 4). When teenagers are allowed to do something fun the negative issues go away completely.

Independence is a trait that everyone should have. Without this trait teenagers would constantly be looking for people to teach them how to do this and that. One way that a teenager can learn to do this is to go out and socialize with their peers. The club scene is one place where teenagers can go in order to do just that. Not only will they learn to talk to people by themselves they will learn to react to any situation they are confronted with. In doing this they build up their independent trait. Being independent plays a bigger role in a teenager’s life than most think. Without this how would a teenager be able to talk to someone of the opposite sex or even strike up random conversation with someone he might think is fun to talk to. “In these environments teens are finding food, fun and, most important, friends under one companionable roof, designed especially for them” (Time 8). The trick is being able to find that sense of fun and excitement by yourself without having to rely on others around you to engage you in it. Being around people at a club will allow a person to learn how to engage in conversations and have a good time by themselves.

Teenagers today need an effective way to experience new things and expand their social boundaries and recently the way to do this is to go out to clubs in their free time. Teens are becoming to dependant on their parents and need a way that allows them to have a good time while learning to handle themselves therefore becoming independent. If these clubs are having a positive effect on teenagers then a smart thing to do is begin to push for teen clubs to be built in order to allow the teens in those areas to gain the benefits.

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T.R.Trevino said...
Apr. 27, 2011 at 5:55 pm
This was well written, and agree with it. Clubs desgined for the younger generations is a brilliant idea, one that will keep teens out of trouble and happy.
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