Teens Dance Style Banned from High Schools Everywhere

March 24, 2011
Throughout generations dancing has evolved from many different styles. As years go by dancing has changed greatly but not a lot of people approve. High schools everywhere have been banning dancing at proms or events for the students. It has been causing a lot of hostility among students that attend high schools with “no grinding” dances. This generation teens only “grind” which is front to back dancing and not much other dancing is known. I don’t think grinding should be banned from schools events because it’s what teens enjoying doing. It is not meant to harm anyone or cause anything it’s just a way of dance we know how to do and don’t know any other way.

As long as I have been in middle school and high school, grinding is the style of dance people my age do at dances. High schools all over America have been banning grinding at school events one by one. Teens have disapproved with that decision and protest. At my high school we were one of the few high schools left that was still allowed to grind in Rhode Island. Recently that was changed and grinding at all school dances are not allowed from this point on. Letters were sent home to parents and students addressing the problem. It was said that this generations dancing called grinding has come to a point where it’s become to vulgar. They think that our dancing is too inappropriate for dances and it should not be allowed anymore. The only type of dancing that is now aloud is to dance is face to face and to leave space. Teachers and administrators in my school could not take any more of the vulgar dancing and they just can’t go to the dances anymore and watch that.

Grinding is a form of dance that for teens is normal to do and is not meant in a vulgar way. When grinding was banned in my school it started many controversies. Juniors and seniors are deciding not to go to their prom because they think it’s a waste of money now. Im the president of my junior class and I know that banning grinding will really effect ticket sales so than we wont be able to afford all the costs. Grinding is just a dance style we don’t mean to affect the teachers. This was what we were taught and we don’t really know any other type of style of dancing. When teachers were younger there was probably a type of dance move that was not allowed in some way. 30 years back dancing to close to each other was frowned upon just like grinding is today. What if teachers banned dancing back then how would you feel? What would you do? Dancing is banned at our school and we don’t know what to do now. We never learned another type of dance this is the style we do at every dance so everyone hates that it is taken away because they think there just wasting money to stand around. When we grind at dances we don’t mean for it to affect the teachers or for it to come off as vulgar. We do it because its fun and we just like dancing to our favorite music. I think some people take grinding to far and then that’s were I think it should be banned. Some girls are on the ground and there dresses are up. I think that is inappropriate and gross and that should not happen at school dances. I think a clean version of grinding should be aloud and is not bad for school dances.

Grinding is this generation’s type of dancing. Teens enjoy doing at school dances and it’s a fun way to end the night. Banning from high schools can cause many problems. Money will be lost cause not as many people will go to the dances. Students can put themselves in danger if there not at the prom. They could be safe at there prom then doing who knows what somewhere else. I believe that grinding shouldn’t be banned from school dances. It really does ruin junior and senior proms. I think that grinding should be cleaned up a lot to more appropriate dancing so teachers don’t dread going to chaperone are dances. Grinding at dances should not be banned it’s the students dance not the teachers and administrators. Its are proms and our memories we don’t want to think back in 10 years or when we are older and married that we had a terrible time at our senior prom. Senior and junior proms are supposed to be the one of the best parts of high school and with the new rules and it will probably not going to be a memory that will last forever.

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Sourwatermelon said...
Mar. 30, 2015 at 7:11 pm
I disagree with your argument. For one thing you said,"This was what we were taught and we don’t really know any other type of style of dancing." I'm sorry I have never grinded, but I know other dances and if you were taught to grind i'm sure you can be taught to do a decent dance. School is supposed to be a safe and appropriate environment, and by grinding I think you show little self respect to how you present yourself. You are the Junior class president, is this how a president should behav... (more »)
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