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January 17, 2011
Today in society we are surrounded by needs and wants, like my kid needs to get in that college or I need to have those pair of jeans now. People in society go on diatribes to explain to people what they need. But they don’t actually need any of those things. Society has gotten progressively worse in trying to get what they want.

This has gotten progressively worse because retail areas have grown in the last couple years. Just where I live the retail area has put in ten new stores just in the last year and different placards have been popping up supporting the businesses. The businesses have been growing because the people have become more and more needy. People need to go to different places to get the most and the best stuff to fulfill their inhibition. Many prestigious brands have profited from these need making people feel that they need to have this material or this type of lifestyle to be smiled upon in society. This behavior has now been intergraded in to how we live. This behavior is then passed down to the generation under them and becomes part of their ilk. People will pay large amounts of remuneration to get what they want and fulfill they desires.

To me my needs and wants include getting a job and getting in to college. I’m extremely fortuitous because I have a lot of time to fulfill these needs and wants and none of these have to be completed right now. The problem is I’m incoherent in how to complete these tasks but I will figure it out soon enough.

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